Martin Bryant

Picture of Martin Bryant

Date of Birth: 07/05/1967

Age: 49

Birthplace: Tasmania

Citizenship: Australia


Martin Bryant (Martin Bryant) was born in 1967 in Tasmania, Australia (Tasmania, Australia), in the family of Maurice and Carlin Bryant (Maurice and Carleen Bryant). From early childhood, it was obvious that Martin is no ordinary child - he showed some signs of autism, lagged behind in their studies and in general was mentally unstable.

For the first time the boy was a psychiatrist at the age of 6 years, the reason was behind in school. Later, he was removed from ordinary activities, and teachers have described Martin as `aggressive, destructive child who kicks, spitting and urinating on other detey`. It is also known that Bryant childhood happy mocked animals. In school, he later returned, and even managed to finish it with a measure of IQ 66. After high school, Martin took the opportunity not work - like the mentally defective, he paid pension. In 1987, 19-year-old Martin arranged for jobs for the elderly, eccentric lady named Helen Harvey (Helen Mary Elizabeth Harvey), which then was 54 years old. In her house she lived a lot of dogs, and the general condition of the house is very rich lady was just scary running, staying for years without cleaning. Whatever it was, Martin, who helped Helen with lawns and dogs, and soon became her lover. It was said that this odd couple was spending money right and left, not caring about what impression such conduct makes on others.

Soon Helen and Martin moved to live in Copping, Tasmania (Copping, Tasmania), where a rich lady bought a house. Neighbors later told that a strange new neighbor could be seen shooting at the tourists from a pneumatic pistol, and in the evening he went out with the same weapon `poohotitsya` dogs.

October 20, 1992, Helen and Martin were in a terrible accident, which resulted in sitting behind the wheel of Helen died, and Martin, though quite crippled, still alive. Moreover, he received from his friend`s legacy of half a million dollars. Thus, the need for money at Bryant disappeared entirely, and he began to travel around the world, having made three years about 30 trips. After Helen died in Copping moved Maurice, Martin`s father, who decided to look after her son. August 16, 1993 from a local lake lifted the corpse of Maurice tied with a rope around his neck, and a suicide note was found in his car. Many fear then noted that Martin has always remained cheerful and reckless, and the death of a parent it does not saddened. There was a suspicion that it was not a suicide, but no evidence that there was, on the contrary, everything points to suicide. As a result, Martin Bryant became richer still not 250 thousand dollars, received the money after the death of his father.

After the death of two people close to Martin getting worse - he felt lonely, and found salvation in his travels. By the way, most of all he loved the long air travel - people who sat next door to him, had to politely listen to him for hours, unable to leave. In ordinary life, people are not too eager to go on contact with a strange, inferior man.

April 28, 1996, Martin left home on his mustard-yellow `Volvo` with a surfboard strapped to the roof and headed in the direction of Port Arthur (Port Arthur).

On the way, a young man stopped in front of the boarding house `Seascape`, which killed the owners of older spouses David and Sally Martin (David and Sally Martin). Later it became known that so he `otomstil` them for the death of his father, who wanted at the time to buy this pension, but those ahead of him, that he thought Martin, and led to the suicide of his father.

Around 13.00 Martin came to the main attractions of Port Arthur - the ruins of the prison colony of the XIX century, where at this time there were several hundred visitors. Bryant, paying for entry, cars parked near the cafe `The Broad Arrow`, and sat at a table outside. Approximately 13 hours and 30 minutes, he got up from the table, went to the room cafe, pulled out of his gym bag a semi-automatic rifle with a telescopic sight AR15 - and opened fire. Shot from the hip, he fired about 30 shots. The victims of the terrible incident began 20 dead and 12 wounded. Then Martin went out to the parking lot where the tour bus driver shot and several others.

However, it was not all the victims of that terrible day - after a distraught Bryant killed several people, including a woman with children, and stole a car, `` getting rid of the passengers and the driver in a familiar way. After that he returned vpansionat couple he killed Martin, and sat down there, taking a hostage.

It was precipitated by 16 hours, the operation involved more than 200 police officers in the course of violent and senseless talks Bryant killed the hostage.

The next morning, at 8 o`clock 25 minutes in the morning on April 29 Bryant zachem-to set fire to the cottage, and soon jumped himself out of the house on fire. He was arrested, taken to the hospital in the Royal Hobart Hospital and underwent several skin grafts and long-term treatment.

Bryant appeared in court in November 1996, he was himself guilty or not guilty. His accusation consisted of more than 72 points, 35 of which were intentional murder. It is this figure was the result of that terrible day in Port Arthur. By the way, no serious pathologies Martin have been identified in addition to mental retardation.

Sentence Martin Bryant began 35 life sentences without the possibility of ever come out ahead.

It is known that while in prison, he made several unsuccessful suicide attempts, after which he was transferred to a special cell.

Martin Bryant is now serving a life sentence in an Australian prison Risdon Prison; He strongly put on weight, not inclined to dialogue and opens the correspondence that comes in large quantities in his name. He could not read or watch TV.

It is known that after the terrible events that took place in Port Arthur, April 28, 1996, under public pressure in Tasmania have been seriously reviewed laws relating to the acquisition and possession of firearms.