Martin Benson

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Date of Birth: 08/10/1918

Age: 91

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Benjamin Martin Benson (Martin Benjamin Benson) was born on August 10th 1918 in London, England, United Kingdom (London, England, UK). His career spanned more than six decades. Basically, Benson was limited to the roles of the second plan, and transformation into villains. It Kinograf included such films as `The Blind Goddess`,` Wheel of Fate`, `Interpol` (` Interpol`), `The strange world of the planet Iks` (` The Strange World of Planet X`), `Once again, chuvstvom` ( `Once More, with Feeling!`) and Iskhod` `(` Exodus`).

No enrollment credits, Martin starred in the historical film `MGM`` Ayvengo` ( `Ivanhoe`), nominated for three` Oskara`, and in 1963 was admitted to the ensemble cast of another historic project, Ramos played in `Kleopatre` ( `Cleopatra`) with the participation of Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor). Benson also performed several major roles, for example, from Ali adventure film `Killer with Kilimandzharo` (` Ali in Killers of Kilimanjaro`), and comedy, including Maurice in `Shot in temnote` ( `A Shot in the Dark`).

In 1964, Benson came in the form of Mr Solo, a gangster who refused to participate in zlodeyskomplane and was subsequently shot mute Korean Oddzhobom, one of the most memorable opponents Bond, in the film `Goldfinger` (` Goldfinger`).

In addition to the big screen, Martin has played many roles on television. In 1957 he was a guest actor appeared in the TV series `Jack Benny Show`. In the same year, Benson has agreed to be reincarnated as Prince de Medici in the children`s adventure series `Sword of Freedom`. In 1981, the Englishman has changed beyond recognition in the series` Guide to the Galaxy avtostopschikov` ( `The Hitch Hiker`s Guide to the Galaxy`), dressed in a navy outfit leader Vogon (Vogon), conspired to destroy the Earth. The last time Benson reminded of himself in 2005, the role of Rudy in the series Goldspinka Katastrofa` `(` Casualty`).

First the actor was married to Joan Oliver (Joan Oliver), who bore him three daughters and a son. Then his wife became Suinson Joy (Joy Swinson), Martin gave the two daughters and a son. Also loving the actor had a son from another relationship. Benson died in his sleep his death, on February 28th of 2010, at the age of 91, the year at his home in Buckinghamshire (Buckinghamshire).

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