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Date of birth: 19.01.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Moston

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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British actress Marsha Thomason was born January 19, 1976-th in Moston, Manchester, England. In the United States it is well known for playing Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of NBC series `Las Vegas` and continuing role of Naomi Dorrit in the ABC hit series` Stay zhivyh`.

Daughter Phyllis serving Jamaican electronics company, and Peter Thomason engaged in politics, she studied at the primary school of the Holy Trinity in Blackley, then went to the secondary school for girls of North Manchester. In college, Oldham Sixth Form marched training stage in theater research, media and visual arts and universiteteManchester Metropolitan received a bachelor`s degree in English.

The first fruits of success on British television Thomason reaped after filming the TV series `Playing the Field` and` Where the Heart Is` and after the first series of dramatic project `Burn It`. In the United States, the actress appeared in the Disney movie `Mansion privideniyami`, which played the wife of Eddie Murphy. In 2003, in the face Brandy can be seen in the comedy `Young papashi`, and a little earlier - in the form of a maid fantasy Victoria` Black rytsar`.

In total, Marsh appeared in the 47-series of 1st and 2nd season of the American kriminalnogoseriala `Las Vegas`.

Thomason recently landed the role of Naomi Dorrit in the television series `Stay zhivyh`. As a friend of the actor Dominic Monaghan, who is presented as a series Charlie Pace, Marsha was a big fan of the series and with great joy and excitement has accepted the invitation to participate. She believes that to play someone with a transparent, not spelled out the nature of the way without knowing its ultimate essence - is rather unusual: `For an actor - it`s hard, but just in the sense that you have to play the scenes as they are written, and all ... `

Thomason first appeared in an episode of `Catch-22` third series` Stay in the season zhivyh` On 18 April 2007 the second, and then it became a party to the end of the season. Also, the actress appeared in season 5 of the 13th series of `Some Like it Hoth`.

Among the latest applications acting British actress - her work on the series `Keyn`,` Life is like prigovor`, `White vorotnichok` and in horror` Puteshestvennik`, television drama `Messiah: The Rapture`, action movie `Welcome to Paradise! 2: Rif` and the title role in the comedy `House Husbands` John Hannah.

Marsha supports the football club `Manchester Siti`.

April 5, 2009-th Marcia married illuminator Craig Sykes, the ceremony took place in Malibu.

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