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Date of Birth: 10/17/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Sedgefield

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Screenwriter and actor Sherlock and Doctor Who, or how to make children`s hobby profession

Born Geytiss in Sedgefield, Durham, England (Sedgefield, County Durham, England); He spent his childhood not far from the psychiatric clinic - so happened that it worked in a mental hospital once and the father and the mother of Mark. Such a strange neighborhood, however, is not particularly affected the boy - his childhood he was quite ordinary; Mark enjoyed watching on TV science fiction series like the classic `Dr. Kto` and studio paintings` Hammer Horror`, read stories about Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) and the novels of HG Wells (HG Wells) and collecting fossils.

Children`s enthusiasm for the adventures of the mysterious Doctor has left Geytissa into adulthood; his early works were somehow connected with this TV series. Directly related to the Doctor and was first officially opublikovannayarabota Geytissa - Mark managed to push through its series of stories in the collections of `Virgin Publishing`. Among other things, in these stories, Mark tried to correct the mistakes in the series scripts, which once led to its closure.

Preview TV scripts Mark also wrote to Dr universe - or, to be precise, the TV project `PROBE`. This spin-off of `Dr. Kto` originally was supposed to contain only 4 films; much success they are - in spite of the participation of a number of stars of the original series - and had no effect on the DVD is not reprinted. As Geytiss he said he would like to see these films again did not want to - while Mark has only learned to write a decent script.

With future colleagues` League Dzhentelmenov` Geytiss met in acting school, where he went after the regular school. Advocate `Liga` nachalav 1995; It took them quite warm - in 1997 at the festival in Edinburgh (Edinburgh) they even managed to win the award `Perrier Award`. In the same year `League Dzhentelmenov` moved on the radio; Two years later, they found a place and on television. TV project also came out very successful and brought Geytissu many awards. In 2005, the world saw a new film `Ligi`; he success of the former, however, is not repeated.

To miss the opportunity to take part in the work on a revival in 2005, `Dr. Kto` Mark, of course, could not. In a favorite childhood series Geytiss worked both as a writer and as an actor; Mark had a chance to play in 3 episodes, and write scripts to six.

It was possible to contribute to the appearance of Marcus on the small screen, and another idol of his childhood - Sherlock Holmes. The series Sherlok` `(` Sherlock`) - klassicheskihrasskazov retelling of the great detective in a new way in modern scenery - Geytiss launched with Stifenom Moffat (Steven Moffat). As in the case of `Doctor Kto`, Mark tried his hand, and as an actor and as a director; This time, however, he chose the role currently ongoing - the brother of Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft (Mycroft).

He continued to successfully operate their children`s hobbies, Mark and beyond. One of the works of Wells - `The first people to lune` (` The First Men In the Moon`) - Geytiss turned into a TV movie for the BBC (and, again, there is the role and knocked himself). Passion for classic horror movies helped him to remove a documentary project `A History of Horror` - in which the history of these films quite carefully analyzed.

Geytiss - openly gay; at the moment he is living in a civil marriage with actor Ian Hallard (Ian Hallard).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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