Mark Boyle

Picture of Mark Boyle

Date of birth: 08.05.1979

Age: 37

Birthplace: Donegal

Citizenship: Ireland

A man without money

Mark Boyle (Mark Boyle) was born in 1979 in Ballyshannon in County Donegal Irish (Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland). There passed the childhood of Mark, and he went to study in the Institute of Technology, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, where he received a degree in business.

In 2002 Boyle went to the United Kingdom (UK). Six years Mark has spent in Britain, he lived in Bristol (Bristol), worked for the company for the production of organic food. However, despite the apparent success in business, Mark more disappointed in the company device built primarily on the money. Later, he admitted that the first seeds of doubt planted in his soul the film `Gandhi`, he looked in the final year of study. It was this film and subsequently changed the entire life Boyle.

So, in 2001, together with a friend, he created his own project - Community `Freeconomy`. This community currently includes more than 25 thousand people from all over the world who share their experience within the project `A man without money. To live a year without deneg`.

A few months after the creation of Freeconomy` Mark went to India (India), and, after returning home, decided to completely abandon the money.

So, Mark moved to live in a van, which he gave the company `Freecycle`. Parked his van near the farm on which Mark operates three times a week for free. He grows their own vegetables and collects in the forest berries, mushrooms and nuts. Of the benefits of civilization, he uses a solar panel that feeds his computer - Mark gently lead your blog.

It is noteworthy that the first Boyle set out to live without money only a year, but eventually he was surprised to find that this way of life is much closer to it than that, he had spent almost 30 years of my former life. `It`s fantastic. In fact, I did not realize how much stress and worry have made money in my life. I did not realize until it was freed from nih` - admitted Mark in an interview.

By the way, Mark - a very popular person, his rejection of the benefits of civilization is the same as the interest of the British and international press.

As for the life of Mark and his daily activities, he admitted that from `proshloy` life familiar and simple things now occupy him much longer - so to take a shower, brush your teeth or wash clothes, he has to make a lot more effort . So, Mark teeth brushing powder from the bones of shellfish, and wash it prepares a special bleaching composition of nuts.

Whatever it was, Mark says he is absolutely happy person, and to return to the world `deneg` he is absolutely not wanted. He does not feel alone, not counting the big disappointment - some time ago he threw his girlfriend, who strongly disagrees with the concept of life-Mark.

`I understand that the lack of money, car, career prospects, the hot water will turn away from me for many women. But I`m pretty good man, and my body goes much tepla`, - said Mark Boyle.

By the way, a man frustrated by Mark himself did not consider - in addition to a highly successful business in a past life, and in this he is constantly being improved. So, he has written a book about his experience of life without `deneg`.

It is known that many considered an act of Mark Boyle as a kind of self-praise, as a very successful attempt to attract attention, and then in the wake of this very expensive to publish a book of attention, thus putting themselves in the world of money `` has a much higher level.

Like it or not - time will tell, while you can only say that the first book mark Boyle - `The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living` - came in 2010 and he is still in his` bezdenezhnom` space.

It is known today that Mark Boyle lives near Bath, in southwest England (Bath, in South-west England).

His community `Freeconomy Community` also continues to exist; By the way, on the proceeds of his book, Mark decided to acquire land for the community. Mark writes regularly in the blog, as well as `The Guardian` magazine.