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The main goal of most businesses - the maximization of income; Alas,in the pursuit of income dealers often ignore the interests of other people, thus creating a rather unhealthy society. There are, however, entrepreneurs are aware of the need to observe the rules of conduct in society and care for the public good ; one of the most prominent supporters of this kind is Mark Albion. Degree of Bachelor of Economics Mark Albion was at Harvard (Harvard University); here he later was awarded the diploma of Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Economics. One of the mentors Albion was a prominent scientist, Professor John Lintner (John V. Lintner).

In the period from 1982 to 1988 - th Albion initially he worked as an assistant professor ,then an associate professor at Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School). During this time Mark had a chance to get on the air of the project ` 60 Minutes` as one of the youngest professors of the country`s business schools.

In 1986-m Albion decided to revise their goals in life and felt an urge to use the resources of modern business for the benefit of society as a whole. This decision took Mark not a good life - to rethink their values his own mother forced the fight against cancer.

In 1987, Albion gathered a group of responsible entrepreneurs in `Social Venture Network`;a year later Mark left Harvard in order to concentrate on the development of the community efficiently and altruistically -minded entrepreneurs.

In the period from 2009 to 2010 is listed as Albion in the presidential office ; We were in charge of his projects for the implementation and promotion of social values into university education. Inter alia,Albion when he was a cabinet member launched a College Babson College project `AshokaU Changemaker Campus Team`.

In 2010, Albion won ` Entrepreneur goda` of Innovative Entrepreneurial Center at Indiana University (Indiana University Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation);rewarded him for his achievements in the fight for the public good and the development of sustainable business models.

In 2011, Mark Albion bylvklyuchen in the list of ` 100 most sustainable business rukovoditeley` version `Trust Across America`.Among the many projects of Albion is most known for his activities to raise awareness of the latter-day masters of business administration; Mark relied primarily on recent graduates, hoping to find them more flexible and nezakosnevshy view of the world.

In 1993-m Albion and a number of his colleagues in the `SVN` together with 13 business management masters founded the project ` Students for Responsible biznes` (` Students for Responsible Business`).

In 1999, the project was renamed the `Net Impact`; at the moment it operates under the direction of Liz Maw (Liz Maw), and supports more than 300 independent sub-projects. In total, more than 40,000 participants listed in the ranks of the movement. `Net Impact` concerned with the non-profit management, corporate social responsibility, socially beneficial formats of doing business, and many other similar topics. Albion regularly performs in the most prominent educational institutions of the country and the world ; He has proven to be highly skilled and experienced orator whose speech collect huge audiences and enjoyed great success with students.

In the period from 1995 to 1996 Albion worked in one of the research teams of the United Nations ;he was engaged in search of the formula for raising socially responsible leaders and managers. The results of their research Albion presented the UN in its report in 1996.

Peru belongs to Mark Albion 7 books ; for the most part, they are devoted to various aspects of business activity.Albion is parallel columns in a number of news outlets.

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