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Date of Birth: 12/26/1986

Age: 29

Citizenship: Russia



Gorban Maria grew up in a theatrical family - her father worked as an actor and then a director in Yaroslavl - in Volkov Drama Theatre. My mother - also an actress, she worked in the Youth Theatre. When Mary was six years old, her family moved to Moscow, but a native of Yaroslavl and today she remembers with great warmth.


In 2007 Maria graduated GITIS, the course Morozov, Acting Department. He participated in student productions of "BratyaKaramazovy", "Nameless Star", "Three Sisters", "Mandate".

Maria Gorban first appeared on screen in the TV series "Simple Truth", then there were scenes in the film "Goat milk" and "Women`s logic-3", and in 2004 the young actress starred in the music video for the song Irakli Pirtskhalava "Time".

After the fourth year of the Institute actress played her first big movie roles: Serebryakov Alice in the film "The right to happiness" and Tanya Nesterova vdrame Andrew Kudinenko "Drawing" (based on the popular 70s movie of the same name). The role of Tanya Nesterova was highly appreciated by both the audience and the experts - in July 2008 at the Festival of Visual Arts, held in the children`s camp "Eaglet" Maria Gorban won the prize "For the most charming villain."

Also in 2008, the screens of the country came the series "I`m flying," where Maria Gorban again starred. Its heroine - a fourth-year student of one of Moscow`s medical schools Lera Chekhov. Become a doctor she decides for the sake of his younger brother, who detected a brain tumor.


1999-2000 Simple Truth - series

2003 Goat milk

2003 Women`s logic-3

2005 Cherub

2007 The right to happiness - series

2007 Service trust

2007 Servant

2007 God`s Smile

2008 Drawing

2008 I fly - series

Author: Igor BIN

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