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Date of Birth: 05/10/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth: Clichy

Citizenship: France

The tragedy and passion of Marina Vlady

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The former Soviet Union Marina Vlady is known only as the wife of Vladimir Vysotsky. However, apart from `Russian perioda`, it had a lot of interesting pages in her life. How much do we know about this amazing woman?

Marina Vlady (real name Ekaterina Marina Polyakova-Baydarova) was born May 10, 1938 in the town of Clichy-la-Garenne, France. Her parents were Russian, but in the early twentieth century with their families emigrated to Europe.

Marina`s father, Vladimir Polyakov-Baydar, appeared in France, he joined the army as a volunteer and participated in the First World War. After the war he became an artist: singing at the Paris Opera and the Monte-Carlo Opera. Mother, Milica Envald, was a dancer and lived in Belgrade. There she met her future husband, who came on tour.

Marina was the youngest of four daughters, each of which is linked his life with art. As a child, Vladi attended Ballet School at the Grand Opera, but the ballerina did not become. The ability to move gracefully and stay on the stage was useful to her in the movie, where she was already 11 years old. It was the movie `Summer groza` (1949), in which Marina has played with his sister a small role.

The first role Vlady did not break, but the acting capacity of the girl was. She began to invite not only French but also foreign directors. In 1952, Marina played in the Italian film `Black perya`, where her partner was the legendary Marcello Mastroianni. She was 15 years old, he - 27. Beautiful French with Russian roots instantly turned his head to the actor, and he fell in love.

According to Mastroianni, Marina was not beautiful, but it was something that battled at first sight. Despite the actor`s courtship, Vladi quickly switched to another handsome - Marlon Brando. However, Brando was restrained Mastroianni and did not answer the girl reciprocated. The actress recalls with regret that this affair with Brando have failed.

This is not a complete list of admirers Marina Vlady. At the time, her hands sought and the famous Orson Welles, and a representative of the new `volny` Jean-Luc Godard. However, the actress was looking for true love, and in 1955 finally met her. Chosen Vladi was the actor Robert Hossein, a well-known role of Count de Peyrac in about `Anzheliku` films. He was older than her 11 years, but age was no obstacle to their love. Marina and Robert lived together for five years and is considered the most beautiful pair of French cinema.

Muse Vysotsky

Despite the birth of sons Igor and Peter`s marriage to Robert did not last long. After the divorce, Marina promised myself that I would never marry, but his promises are not kept. In 1963, she was married to Jean-Claude Brouilly, who was a pilot and owned his own airline in Africa. Marina gave birth to a son, Vladimir, but Jean-Claude broke up three years later.

Meanwhile, Vladi shone in the film, becoming one of the most popular European actresses. The film `Koldunya` (1956), which has been freely adapted from the novel` Kuprina Olesya`, has had great success in the USSR, becoming the leader of film distribution. And in 1963, the actress received the Palme `vetv` Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film` Bee matka`. It was a real triumph.

In the late 60-ies of Marina Vlady first visited the Soviet Union. There she met his greatest love - Vladimir Vysotsky. Legendary singer and actor has captivated the heart of the Marina at a glance, from the first word. It happened at the Taganka Theater, after the actress looked `Pugachev` performance. The same evening they met. Vysotsky said Marina, in love with her for a long time - since the day I saw in the movie `Koldunya`. But he had a family, she had - three children ...

Soon Vladi came back in the USSR in the shooting of the film. At a party, when everyone left, Marina and Vladimir left alone and talked about love all night. They could no longer delay, and in January 1970 were married. This novel, written dozens of books, but the most accurate about him expressed the actress. According Vlady Vysotsky was the greatest passion of her life. It was not the love that she felt for other men. It was a real passion.

Vladimir and Marina had hoped that after the wedding Wysocki allowed to leave the USSR, but it was an illusion. And the actor would not be able to live in France. According to Marina, in Russia, he felt like a prisoner, and in France - useless man. Despite the huge popularity, the government did not recognize Vysotsky: his records are not released, poetry was not published, and later began to ban some plays with his participation.

But the worst for Vladimir and Marina was that they could not be together all the time. Vysotsky began to drink, and eventually became addicted to morphine. In the late `70s his health deteriorated and in 1980 the great musician died. The death of her husband had broken Marina. She said that marriage with Vysotsky incinerated it.

Vlad began a severe depression, and she even tried to commit suicide. Return the joy of life has helped oncologist Leon Schwartzenberg, who treated her sister to cancer. They became close friends and were married in 1981. Marina and Leon have been married for as much as 23 years passed together through a serious test.

In 2003, Schwarzenberg, who fought all his life against cancer, he died from the disease. Marina was left all alone, and to numb the pain, began to be applied to the bottle. According to the actress, she felt that life is over. Native men left, the children were far away. From despair Vladi rescued pet dogs and writing. The world of illusion was much kinder and calmer of the real world. It saw the light of the famous book of memories` Vladimir or interrupted polet` and another about two dozen books.

Marina Vlady has buried two husbands. Hardly he did not bury her son: a few years ago, Igor got into a car accident and was in a coma for a long time. His daughter - granddaughter of the actress - were killed in that terrible accident. For some time now, says Vladi, she did not fear death. And Marina realized that the greatest happiness - it is easy to live. And now she had to live not only for themselves but also for those who have lost it.

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