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Date of Birth: 10/27/1955

Age: 61

Place of Birth: Saratov

Citizenship: Russia


painting or scene?

From a young age Marina Szymanski fascinated by painting. The girl even seriously thought about, so that in the future to become a painter. At the same time, she enjoys playing in the school plays, where it is usually battered the role of fairy princesses (probably affecting her charming appearance). Love to the scene grew stronger from year to year and has led to the fact that after graduation Marina decided to enter the theater.

Study. The first role

GITIS resigned Marina Shimanskaya the first time. She was enrolled in a course of the outstanding Russian actor and teacher Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. Here, on the studio stage GITISa, Marina had a chance to play many diverse roles. This and Masha in the play "The Passion According to Barbara" (a play O. Pavlova), and Rita the professor in staging the novel Ostrovsky "How the Steel Was Tempered" ...

In 1978, Marina Shimanskaya debuted on the silver screen. She played a student-trainee Lydia Nikolayevna in a charming and mischievous school tape Inessa Tumanyan "When I become a giant." After this successful operation was followed by other proposals from the directors. But Marina was too busy studying, and with the cinema had to wait a little longer.

On the set, she returned only in the third year. The historical-adventure film Stanislaus Rostotsky "A squadron of hussars volatile" Marina Shimanskaya got the role of Catherine - flirtatious daughter of the landlord, beloved Denis Davydov. The young actress has created an interesting, ambiguous image. On the one hand, her Catherine - empty secular beauty, which brings Denis Davydov disappointment and heartache. However, during the Napoleonic invasion, it is transformed and shows real devotion to the Motherland.

Film and Theatre

In 1980, Marina Shimanskaya graduated from GITIS. In subsequent years, it has actively acted in films. One of its most notable work was the role of Luba, the captain of the tug vessel, the "Cyclone" in the film Victor Makarov and Alexander Polynnikova "Take care of women." Cheerful, light musical comedy, accompanied by beautiful songs Yuri Antonov, enjoyed in those years a great success with the audience.

Simultaneously with the film "Take care of women" Marina Shimanskaya starred as the bride Rai in the film-catastrophe Andrew Malyukova "Thirty-fourth fast." The director recalls, "On the role of Rai we tried more than twenty actresses. When he saw Marina, doubts disappeared - it was exactly the Paradise, we were looking for. In our picture employs a lot of well-known actors, and. Of course, the young sometimes get lost in the renowned company, but Marina Shimanskaya, it seems to me cope with this task. "

Among the film heroine Marina Shimanskaya can also be noted Susanna in the film Alexander Muratov "sleep on it", Masha in the social drama of Victor Sokolov "Parents do not choose the" Viscountess Mrs. Pei comedy Valeria Rubinchik "Comic Lover, or Love venture of Sir John Falstaff," the Light Yefim Gribov in the melodrama "burden."

He worked in the "Hermitage" theater in Moscow`s Marina Shimanskaya 1984-1991. On its stage, she was busy in the performances: "Hello, Mr. de Maupassant," "Straw Hat" (Helen) "Siskin and Hedgehog", "While all of kei" (Katia), "A beggar, or Death Zanda" (Masha ).

In 1991, Marina moved to the Studio Theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. But she worked there only a year ...

Check out the Spain

Even in 1981 in the film "Take care of women" Marina Shimanskaya met actor Algis Arlauskas. In that film, he played one of the main characters - Sergei. Between them broke out love. Soon Algis and Marina married.

By the early `90s they were both already very popular and favorite actors spectators. However, beginning in the time of political and economic crisis in the country prompted them to think about their future. Soviet cinema agonized, no work was not, and the couple was at the hands of two young children. Then the idea to go to Spain.

Why in Spain? The fact that originally had Algis Spanish roots. In Spain at the time was born, his mother still lived, his relatives, and even had a house, who joined him by inheritance from his grandfather. The last point was the case in the decision to emigrate, when Marina in the street near his home got into a gunfight.

The couple moved to Spain, but do not lose ties with Russia. Algis Arlauskas set a number of documentary films telling about the fate of the Spaniards moved during the war in the Soviet Union. And Marina Shimanskaya meanwhile, learn Spanish, began to teach acting.

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Marina Shimanskaya photo
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