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Date of Birth: 03/25/1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Pyatigorsk

Citizenship: Russia


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Marina A. Orlova was born on March 25, 1986 at the popular resort town of Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, in the family Ludmila Pavlovna - nannies kindergarten, which is particularly loved to teach children to sew soft toys, and his father, who has worked in a kindergarten and a miner, and a taxi driver . Marina`s father was fond of music, love to sing, play the accordion and other musical instruments, so Marina and her two sisters also loved music. Marina Orlova graduated from music school, piano and pop-jazz vocal class school. But despite the enthusiasm for music, Marina from childhood dreams of becoming an actress. He played in Pyatigorsk KVN team.

Being a student of high school, Marina Orlova externally finished tenth and eleventh classes and went to conquer Moscow, where he successfully passed the exams in the Moscow Art Theater School, but after the first year she became a student of the Shchukin Theater School.

Film career

For the first time Marina Orlova starred in the fourth year of the Shchukin Theatre School as a student in a melodrama directed by Paul Snisarenko "Samara-town" in 2004. She was lucky enough to share the set with Ekaterina and Dmitry Vulichenko Dyuzheva. The movie shows a fun adventurous story of his return to the province of a young woman, has achieved significant success in Moscow. Among the talented actress film credits include such films as "Under the Big Dipper," "Atlantis", "Matchmaker", "All the guys name is Kostya."

In 2007, Marina Orlova clearly declared itself in the comedy melodrama Dmitry Panchenko "fallen joitheads" classically talented Amy blended main role in an acting group Nevedrova Igor and Alexander Tereshko. In the film, the eternal problem of fathers and children was displayed. One morning, in the house of Marina Orlova, the phone rang and she heard a tube invited to audition in the movie "The Model", where the actress won the role of Annie. In the same year Marina was declared the role of the translator in the melodrama "thunder. House of Hope".

In 2008, the actress took part in occasional work on the film "Hipsters", "Urgent Room-2" and "Universal Lotto". Olga Kuznetsova from the series of 2008 "Native people" - in the same year, half of the country from the fate of the heroine Marina Orlova watched a sinking heart. All were struck by the similarity of Marina Orlova and serial mother, played by Love Rudenko. Marina Orlova refused three main roles in the film, as "native people", the show that brought her the greatest popularity, it was a very large employment. But supporting actor actress time to play: "Damned Heaven 2" (the role of Rose), "thunder-2", "Under the Big Dipper," "Passenger".

2009 left a trail of good kinobiografii actress: she starred in the movie "The Kremlin cadets", the film "From the Life of Captain Chernyaeva" series "Without a trial," the movie "Woman-Winter" and "Assa 2". In the same year the actress has done with the main role of precocious adult girl Tanya, in love with a character actor Rustam Khaziyev in the series "Barvikha".

Remarkably played the role of steel for Marina Orlova second wind. So in 2010, a great actress starred alongside Anna Ardov, Xenia Thunder and Inga Oboldina in the detective comedy "School for fatties", created based on the novel of Natalia Nesterova. The track record Orlova included such films as: "Thirty-seventh novel," "should," "The gentleman from Paris," "The Last Secret Masters", "Invisible Man," "A carefree weekend." Marina Orlova has brought a stream of freshness Svetlana role in "Margot" series.

The indisputable achievement of the actress was her participation in the film "Interns" and the series "Where is my oil? I want to ride! In it." Each year, Marina Orlova has been involved in the shooting paintings, which played a role, more in-depth on psychologism, brighter on the created image. So it was with its characters, played in 2011 in the series "Always say" always "-7" and "Barvikha 2". In the first series, Marina Orlova played the role of assistant in Baryshev campaign, and with it in the movie actors were involved: Maria Poroshina Yaroslav Boiko, Tatiana and Oleg Abramov of Diamonds.


In addition to working in film Marina Orlova happy to play on the stage of the capital. In the play "Echelon" V.Poglazova director, who took first place at the theater festival "Your Chance", the actress playing the role of Lena. Marina also played in the performances: "The Night Before Christmas" (The Queen, His wife, Kazachka), "not Leave Your Lovers" (Larissa Kirilashvilli), "Tears" (Grushenka) and "Wolves and Sheep" (Glafira).


Confidence and naturalness, flirtation and admiration, ardor and tenderness, infinite feelings, beauty and strength, sincerity and ability to be themselves - all these qualities are combined in Marina Orlova. Marina Orlova lives in Moscow, rents an apartment to relatives in Pyatigorsk rarely travels. The actress is not married, but she has a favorite person - the composer.

The fee for the series "Native people" where Marina Orlova played Olga Kuznetsova, the actress was planning to spend on recording an album. Marina Orlova writes quite professional music and her dream - to write soundtracks for movies.

Interesting facts

Marina Orlova plays the piano, writes songs and sings, dreams to record a solo musical album.

Marina Orlova clothes prefers things pretty strict when all emphasized seen, but more often due to lack of time, her style of a series of "what lay closer."

On account of the actor Marina Orlova more than thirty film works.

Mom, dad and sister are very proud of her daughter, Marina Orlova, collect all the articles about it.


2004 Samara-town

2006 Under the Big Dipper

2007-2008 Atlantis - series

Matchmaker 2007 - series

2007 fallen joitheads

The Model 2007

2007 thunder. House of hope

2008 Mod

2008 Urgent Room 2 - TV series

2008 Native people

2008 Cursed Paradise 2 - series

2008 Passenger

2008 Open, the police - show

2008 Hot Ice - show

Visyak 2008 - series

2009-2010 Margot - series

2009-2010 Kremlin cadets - series

2009 From the Life of Captain Chernyaeva - series

2009 Woman winter

2009 Barvikha

2009 Assa-2

2010 School for fatties

2010 Thirty-seventh novel

2010 Next - series

2010 Last Secret Masters

Invisible 2010 - series

Interns 2010 - series

2011 Under cover

2011 krovinushku

2011 Golden

2011 Always say "always" -7 - series

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