Marina Nikolaeva

Picture of Marina Nikolaeva

Age: 75

Citizenship: Russia



He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK) (TG Soynikova course professor) in 1962.

Selected theatrical works:

Started working in Tbilisi Russian Youth Theatre ( "Puss in Boots", "Little robber", etc..), The Tbilisi State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Griboyedov ( "One, without angels" - the most favorite role), 1976 at the New Drama theater in Moscow (for example, "The Bourgeois Gentleman" (philosopher`s role - the most paradoxical of its many roles), and others.).


"Stories Panova" (read on behalf VeryPanovoy), the program "My Family", "Peter Perfect", "Tourist", "Tatyana`s Day."

Tusya (Natalya Fyodorovna Gudkov)

Tusya Barinov lives in the house for 20 years, appearing immediately after the birth of Tatiana. She - the main "housekeeper" Barinov, the man without whose permission the house fly will not fly, his caretaker, "cellars". All relations with the outside world - to put new locks, to establish a video surveillance system, change the plumbing, etc. - All at Tus. Chusei it named Tanya, when I was little, and stuck to her nickname. This quiet, self-contained, committed self-confident personality, to their "masters" related with a fair amount of irony: "Yes they are without me three days covered with a scab, a week - die of starvation in dark and cold."

With Oleg it to you, in some ways, reasonably believes Tusya, he must do everything "for her." Life can be called such, Tusi only conditionally: it is all dissolved into life Barinov. Home wine, it is also the trouble Barinov believes Tusya - that he would not let her go upbringing Thani. Oh, she would have imparted to her and hard work, and respect for elders, and the ability to take care of the penny.

My Tusya I love

"My Tusya I really like. Moreover, I believe that in part I, too, its creator. The script is, of course, exist, but as far as I know her like this was not in the original design. This is how I would, but I do not. So interesting! I`m coming here to "Amedia", as if it was the theater to play a role, but the character has been represented in some other situation. I want to say that I`m just happy, because I understand that no profession, no job, I just can not. It is difficult and dangerous to health. In addition, we have a great relationship with colleagues. I believe that our company is just amazing. And marvelous youth, and a good artist. And I`m all very much! How sorry to leave at the end of the project! ".