Marina Mogilevskaya

Picture of Marina Mogilevskaya

Date of Birth: 08/06/1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Zavodoukovsk

Citizenship: Russia

Play what is interesting

Author: Marina Nevzorova

Website: Celebrities

- With the debut on the Moscow stage I was lucky. Cross Neil Simon play, wonderful acting company and a competent director. In Kiev, I mainly played dramatic roles, but I always wanted something Distinguishing. The `Sluhah` finally realized this desire.

- How do you manage to finish the institute of the economy? Agree, an unexpected choice.

- The national economy are very lucky that I did not take part in its development. When finished school, I did not know exactly what would like to do. So she went to take exams in the Institute of International Relations. At the first examination I had three and took documents. While going through, I fell in love and left everything, went to Kiev. Institute of National Economy chosen because she was sure I could pass everything except mathematics. Dad I physicist and for a week I was prepared so that the first exam I passed on the five and became a student. Maybe it was fate, because the institute side by side with the film studio. Dovzhenko, and just six months later I was approached by a man and invited him to audition. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. But the institute, I still finished. However, ask me now what the debits and credits, do not tell.

- You had to play in a joint Ukrainian-American film in Hollywood was not invited?

- In Gollivudne name. They`ve got a lot of her. A work experience in a joint movie ... It was very interesting to see how the Americans. They can smile 20 times, 40 crying while being cold as a dog`s nose, and we can not play without a soul. And they do not live the way we do. The 5 - the rise in 6 - gym, a light breakfast. In the evening, at 9 - to sleep. This is what they would learn. And we, for our broad mind, very often forget with their feelings that the profession - it`s not just what`s inside, but also the face, figure, health, and for this it is necessary to attend.

- Many actors speak disparagingly about the show, saying that there is nothing to play ...

- ... They say, `sturgeon second svezhesti`? But then I came Alexander Mitta and brilliantly made `Taiga roman` that will give odds to many feature films. Vladimir Hotinenko came and took `Beyond volkov`. So, the question is not a genre, but rather for him who takes. Soaps have. Their look and love. And they are getting better every year. I decided for myself that if I think something is interesting, it does not matter - whether it`s TV series, theater, cinema or video, it will play. This is my profession, and I am not ashamed to deal with it.

- Your life has changed a lot after the movie `Marsh Turetskogo`?

- Now all the time have to control myself, which I do not like scary. Today, for example, it has been in the bath. I was sure that without make-up and the sheet can feel safe, but it took five minutes, and I realized that even here we must sit correctly, you can not say something unnecessary, because look at me. Honestly, for me it`s pretty hard, I`m an open person and to restrain myself not very used to it. So, we must learn. But when people come up to me and say some kind words, and ask for an autograph, I will not lie - it`s incredibly nice.

- You are a strong man?

- The fact that I`m radical action - that`s a fact. Can one second to make a decision that will change my life. So I left, everyone rushed from Moscow to nowhere. In the same way, leaving the theater in Kiev, favorite apartment in blue colors made entirely by my hands, one day decided to return to Moscow. In the evening they called me and offered to lead the `Good Morning, Russia! `. The night I thought. At five in the morning I collected two suitcases, sat in its tenth `Toyotu` that barely crawling, and a wild rain, without brushes, went to the capital. The next day was sitting on the air with Mikhail Gorbachev.

- What is your attitude toward money?

- Honestly? I arranged that do not depend on money. Because everything is passing. My life is so frequently and dramatically changed, there were moments when I and a bottle of yogurt is not enough. Now I remember: Was I bad? Yes, not bad, okay, because others lived. It seems to me that the main thing - to understand, without which your life becomes a meaningless existence, and did not learn to live situation, and their attitude to it. It is difficult, but this striving. Because you can sit in the Canary Islands and feel very razneschastnoy in the world, and you can go to any village to friends and soul soar so that any Canaria never dreamed of. I am sure that if I again have to live on $ 70. (I received so much, when I started working in the theater), you`ll be unhappy if, for another reason.

Eight years ago I was on the verge of life and death, and any two o`clock had to decide - I will live or not. And when I was put on the operating table, I saw on a dazzling lamp, doctors, who are just like me, understand that I can never wake up, to rethink his whole life. I think of how much strength and energy spent on some nonsense. And I decided: if I survive, I will be completely different to treat everything, because the main happiness - just live. We should be glad that you got ... some time really lived according to these laws. And then life is twisted, and things gradually changed. But I always try to remind myself of what happened to me eight years ago.