Marina Maiko

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Date of Birth: 06/22/1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Russia


Film debut. Marriage Dmitry Kharatyan

Marina Maiko is not a professional actress. By profession she is a teacher of elementary grades, plus a choreographer. In the late 80`s Marina won "Miss Tiraspol" beauty contest, and then took part in the contest "Miss USSR". On a beautiful girl paid attention to the directors ...

In 1990, director Alexander Zeldovich Marina invited on a leading role in Maroussi his painting "Sunset". On the film, which took place in Odessa, she met her future husband - a popular actor Dmitry Kharatyan.

Kharatyan at the time starred in the title role in the comedy Gaidai "Private Detective, or Operation" Cooperation ". Film crews both films lived in the same hotel complex. Marina says: "The first time I saw him, when he went to the assistant director to call the number, and I was there. That`s all. And then I had to listen to music. I began to ask who has the tape. It turned out that Dima. He then bought a fancy tape recorder with built-in TV. And I went to him. I then came after the beauty contest. Young, beautiful. He was stunned by my arrogance and nothing, of course, not given. Then we had accidentally collided and went to the beach together. And on the beach, I suddenly saw his eyes. Blue blue. And smile. That`s all. I melted".

Lovely girl immediately "hooked" Dmitry, but formalizing relations case dragged. Apparently in memory of Dmitry was still unsuccessful first marriage (by the way, his first wife Kharatyan also named Marina). Finally, in the mid-90s Marina Majko and Dmitry Kharatyan were married, and two years later they had a son, Ivan.


Meanwhile, Marina Maiko actively acted in films. she starred in the psychological thriller Alois strumming "Depression", then appeared in the horror film Yevgeny Tatarsky "blood drinkers," Vyacheslav Krishtovicha drama "The Woman in the sea" in 1991. Together with Dmitry Kharatyan Marina starred in comedies Anatoly Eyramdzhana "New Odeon" and "Bride of Miami," as well as the eccentric comedy Roman Guy "Cockroach races".

After Marina got married and gave birth to a son, she disappeared for a while from the cinema. Once again, the audience saw it in 2000 in the role of Mary, the daughter of Menshikov, in the historic series Svetlana Druzhininoj Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Dmitry Kharatyan in the series played a major role - Dolgoruky, the mentor of the young Peter II.

As you can see, the couple often removed together. So in the film adaptation of the famous operetta "Die Fledermaus", which has taken the director Oksana Bayrak, Marina Maiko starred - Adel and Dmitry Kharatyan - Falk. And in 2003, the couple appeared in the images of Marina Tsvetaeva and Velimir Khlebnikov in the new series "silver and black" director Vitaly Maximov.

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Marina Maiko picture
Marina Maiko photo