Marina Levtova

Picture of Marina Levtova

Date of Birth: 04/27/1959

Age: 40

Place of birth: Megino-Kan galassky district Yakut ASSR

Citizenship: Russia


Marina Levtova was born in 1959. After the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography worked at the Gorky Film Studio.

According to colleagues, she did manage to perfect images of romantic heroines, especially in the films "Traffic Inspector", "Faith, Hope, Love", "award (posthumously)," "Visit to the Minotaur" and many others.

Marina V. successfully filmed and television, where her participation a few dramas and a number of entertainment programs were recorded. Recently Levtova actively participated in the work of Russian and international festivals and has created its own radio project.

According to friends, Levtova passed away in the next peak of popularity. February 27, 2000 she was riding on a snowmobile and lost control. Marina Levtova died soon after was taken to hospital.