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Age: 51

Citizenship: Russia

All your men I truly loved.

"Alexander Lyubimov in bed romantic and Nikas Safronov - the artist in all", - says the star, "Deerslayer" series.

Surely such a role as Sonia, it was difficult to play?

- It was very interesting because my character is always in a state of trance. She is terminally ill with despair goes to the sect, giving the sectarians and an apartment and money. It saves St. John`s wort. Play had at the peak of emotion, after many scenes in my hands were shaking and his teeth fought off a fraction. I went to church even went a dip in the holy spring to wash off all the negative role.

In the series "Cursed paradise" you had a lot of sex scenes. It is easy to agree to play naked?

- If you have an attractive body - why not? My partner Farhad Makhmudov liked me even on samples, we did a little table did not break, depicting "love." I was glad that it was approved, and hoped that the novel would happen between us. Ten days was in love with him, then I found out that Farhad horoscope - Taurus, and with men of this sign I`m friends only.

Kissing in erotic scenes only portray?

- No, I like to do it for real, and there was no case to someone in the frame refused to kiss me. I recently co-starred in the movie "The City of temptations" where my character, steep neftyanitsa, "removes" the young boys he buys the car and showering money. I`ve got a lot of erotic scenes, in particular with Ivan Nikolaev. Cute boy, he smells good perfume. Kissing with - a pleasure.

And it happened when the partner was not pretty?

- In the movie "Maniac Glamorous" I had sex scenes with a black male model. Very nice guy, but I did not like his breath, suspected that he had periodontal disease. I told the director that I will not kiss him.

You are literally a flurry of new roles in a while ...

- Yes, and raznoplanovyh.V military picture "Degraded" I`m a doctor. The audience of the First Channel will see this work on May 9th. The shooting took place in Rzhev, where everything is steeped in war. I close this subject, my mother survived the war.

Even beyond the film "Rainbow", there I am in the frame Peel leg child who has gangrene, the doctor refuses, he becomes ill, and he entrusts it to my heroine - a nurse. The scene was given me a hard time remembering all your child caught in a similar situation. My son Gregory, riding on a snowy hill, broke his leg, the foot is literally hanging on a skin, such injuries are obtained at break mine. I literally prayed to the doctors from CITO to Grisha put on their feet. He`s almost a year did not go - he inserted a plate, screws are screwed. That year 2004 was very difficult for me: Grisha injury, his father died, she divorced her husband. What to do - all the tests are acting in a piggy bank. Coming soon movie "Lyuba", there again, I`m doktora.Vy since worked on "Russian radio" ...

- Yes, he led the program "Insomnia" - about love and sex. My parish contributed to Nick Fomenko, we played together in "Satyricon" and friends.

How do you feel about his divorce with Masha Golubkina?

- I Kohl know well if he had not fallen in love, he would not have gone! Like Mary, have two children, it is a pity that they broke up. But if you feel that the family is not present, it is necessary to leave the children do not suffer in the nervous atmosphere.

Are not you afraid when younger partner?

- I like the young. With a man much older than you interesting to talk to, but sex with him - thank you!

What is the most unusual place you have had sex?

- On the windowsill. During orgasm me break the glass, the whole back was covered in blood. Thrills! It was when the first day of acquaintance had sex. When you feel that went "chemistry" and nothing can help it. And is it necessary? It will be something to remember in old age ..

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