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Learn how to understand the signals your own body

Some nutritional technology built on the ability to listen to your own body and eat only those foods that your body at the moment really craves. Unfortunately, the body does not always want that, what is really needed - otherwise addiction as a phenomenon of nature would have long ceased to exist. Yet, with proper analysis of the desires and requirements of your body some correct conclusions can be done - especially if you do not pay attention to the simplest `resheniya` and try to look for at least one level lower.

As experts say, the desire of this or that type of food is a signal that the body sends to our body. Usually, such times in the body in need of a particular set of minerals, trace elements and vitamins and a certain amount of energy; Unfortunately, most of the body is inclined to choose the most `prostye` and often do not quite adequate to the long-term solutions.

One of the most common `obmanok` of this kind is a thirst for the sweet. As explained by a professional nutritionist Marilyn Glenville, in the process of power in the blood sugar level rises; the body reacts by increasing insulin levels. Consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates strongly and dramatically increases the level of sugar in the blood, causing a significant imbalance; body responds to this significant increase in insulin levels. Sugar from the blood disappears - and the body usually produces insulin in an amount exceeding the required number. As a result, blood sugar drops too low - and you feel that your life is categorically not enough chocolate and pastries. The more you eat sweet, the more you want it sweet - and break out of this vicious circle would voluntarily not as easy as it should.

Practice shows that often a desire to taste the sweet is much more complex than it seems. According to Glenville, sweet dreams can often be masked signal a lack of chromium. This element is found in many foods, but a lot of it especially broccoli. If your diet contains sufficient fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cereals, chromium in the body of your will as much as is needed for a normal existence. If, however, a sharp shortage is still there, you can pay attention to the particularly rich in chromium products - such as green beans, grape juice and broccoli already mentioned.

Similarly, you can interpret the desires of the body and others. So, often people want not just sweet, but particularly chocolate. This can be a lack of magnesium. According to rough estimates of scientists, in the diet about 80% of people do not have enough magnesium; Meanwhile, the substance is quite normal for the important - it plays a key role in the balance of the nervous system and the functioning of the immune system. Magnesium is also essential for bone health. A large amount of magnesium to be found in certain herbs, nuts, beans, avocado, yogurt, dark chocolate and banana. Chocolate in this list and indeed appears, but there is no need to explain once again, what is fraught with excessive love for this product. Yet, if your body craves chocolate and other products currently available - limit to at least dark chocolate, other things being equal, he will provide great benefits. In the long term can help regular intake of fish, vegetables and nuts - with a diet of magnesium in your body is normal.

If the salt in your house have to fill almost every week, and you have a little thinking about how you can add salt cakes, tea and coffee - your body may not have enough sodium. Without this substance in your body will be serious problems with fluid balance, and blood pressure will be much mischief. The logical solution may seem salty snacks - cured anchovies or salted popcorn; adequate, however, will be to look at the carrot and celery - are sodium balance in your body much faster normalize. Problems with sodium can be caused by dehydration, disease, or excessive use of alcohol; In addition, sodium levels can be reduced after exercise.

Heavy carbohydrates contained in abundance in the paste, rice and bread. Often these products are used in order to quickly get enough; in practice, the desire to be like to eat bread or pasta can be a sign of a lack of amino acids `triptofan`. It is essential in the diet of people primarily because it is directly related to the production of hormones `serotonin`. This hormone, in turn, is directly tied to a number of key functions of the organism; in particular, it is often referred to as the hormone of happiness. Also important are its other features - amino acid strongly affects sleep, digestion and mood in general. Ensure the influx of tryptophan in the body can be, starting to consume certain proteins; such proteins may be obtained from turkey eggs, bananas and walnuts.

Do you dream about meat? Dreamland images of succulent steaks and fried chicken legs? Do not rush to give irresistible fragrance; your body may thus prays not for the meat as such, but on the iron contained in it. For some time giving up red meat has become a very popular nutritional solution; Alas, on the amount of iron in our bodies to say it is not the best way. Iron, meanwhile, has not lost its importance; it is still necessary to supply oxygen to the body and in the functioning of the immune system. Meat - the solution is not the most optimal; spinach, lentils and pumpkin seeds also may well meet your needs zheleznye` `in full.

Finally, if you crave something sour or spicy, you can speak your same stomach, unable to work out the necessary amount of stomach acid. The most adequate solution to this problem could serve as mushrooms - which, incidentally, does not reward you in addition heartburn.

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