Marie-sophie Germain

Picture of Marie-sophie Germain

Date of Birth: 04/01/1776

Age: 55

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Independently studied in the library of his father, a goldsmith, and from childhood was fond of mathematical works, especially the well-known history of mathematics Montyukla, although parents let her employment as not suitable for a woman.

I was in correspondence with d`Alembert, Lagrange, Fourier and other mathematicians. In most cases it is at the same time hiding under a man`s name, often "Monsieur Le Blanc" (a real person, Lagrange student). On Lagrange and Legendre she was able to meet in person, they are interested in the talented student, began to guide and encourage her training.

Since 1804, under the strong impression of "Arithmetic research" book Gauss comes with nimv correspondence under the usual pseudonym. Questions of the theory of numbers. In 1806, during the Prussian campaign, Napoleon`s army occupied Gottingen. Sophie writes emotional letter to his friend, General Joseph-Marie Pernety, begging to take care that Gauss did not suffer the fate of Archimedes. General gave Gauss, that he had a patron, and soon the secret was revealed Sophie.

In 1808, Sophie Germain wrote