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Place of birth: Manchester

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The actress and jewelry designer

Author: Anna Frolova

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Born in Didsbury, Manchester county in the family of Pastor Michael Granger and pediatrician Maureen Gian Granger. Marianne second family. She has an older sister Holliday. And younger-twins Annie and Andrew Granger.

Marianne has been Manchester High School for Girls in 2006. In 2007 she enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and acting in London. In 2009, she starred in her first film. In 2011, she gained fame in the BBC Channel Channel, becoming a successful speaker. On BBCOne channel is known for her television roles.

She played in 20 performances of the National Theatre of London. At the moment, we know that in January 2015 at the scheduled musical Marianne Barbara and her birds.

In addition to filming a movie she writes songs.

In 2013, in an interview with the magazine Movie News she hinted at a relationship with British actor Tom Hiddleston. In 2014 they broke up at the initiative of Granger. It is now known that the 16-year-old actress is in a romantic relationship with Lars Mikkelsen.

A full list of roles Marianne Granger:

Book Scouts for boys (2009 film) - Girl from the episode

Glittering Heart (2009 film) - Gracie Lumpy

My friends will understand (mini-series 2010) - Port Klamondo

Where the road runs (Movie 2010) - Rebecca

Singing stalks (2010 Short Film) - Phoebe

Carrie will flee from you (2011 film) - Romola Sinton

Cloudy sky in a gray day (2011 Short Film) - Cannet Shodord

Nascent in agony (2011 film) - Sylvia, daughter pastoraNochnoy rain or adventures with a stranger (2011 film) - Claudia

My roses are white as Snow White (2012 film) - Laura Ken

Barnton Susie and her men (2012 film) - Anika

Paris Falls (TV series 2012-2013) - Lieutenant Gren

Enchantment (TV 2013) - Monica Salyun

Open the arms of (2013 film) - Jessica Reed

Pride and Prejudice (Mini-Series 2013) - Elizabeth Bennet

Soaring people (2013 film) - Egi Pins, housekeeper

Whirlpool (2014 miniseries) - Lucinda Emmend

To go and come back (2014 film) - Patricia

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