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Children and the theater were always

Author: Anastasia Tomsk

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- Marianne, you are a child dreamed of the stage and applause?

- It`s the dream of all girls - to be an actress. But I have always been interested in musical theater. We were on tour - and I`m from the city of Sarov - visited Moscow Operetta Theater, and I remember what was the magic show and how delighted I was. In the four years I was taken to a music school in which we put children`s opera. We work with the director of the Nizhny Novgorod Drama Theater, now the director of the Theater Helena Kamburova - Boris Melikdzhanov. My first appearance on the scene was funny. As a child I was not beautiful: a skinny, awkward. The only thing - the hair was long. It is clear: the heroine can not put on a characteristic like too. So the first time they gave me to sing ... Raven! Words there was not particularly, but "pada-bada-bada-bada" sing very fast but I was able to.

- So, even thought it was not to do?

- I Was, planning. After the tenth class went with his brother - and he is older than 10 years, the military - to Peter, recognizing that it is necessary for admission. I still remember the address: Palace, House 6. Serge looked at the institute building and said, "Listen, sister, maybe you will not be there to learn? Maybe you will learn something of bread? "

- And then there was the idea of ??being a teacher?

- Yes, she somehow she was born. Mom taught in medical grandmother at an early age taught junior classes. Pedagogy for me - it`s not so much a desire to learn something as transfer of experience in communication. Probably because I have children and realize that I`m with them almost on a par. But I swear I can. For example, recently passed the guys teamwork - this is such a control, where several people need to do one job together, but each is responsible for the site, and put a score at all. After learning the result, they said to me - why should we suffer because of someone else? Of course, I swear, because you need to explain partner - most importantly, it`s all from the theater.

- Before the class and on the stage - the same emotions?

- Absolutely.

- It is possible not to mix the two areas of life?

- As long as I can remember, children and musical theater has always been, so I`m used to it. I was commander of the stars, the Chairman of the Board of the order, the chairman of the board guards, secretary of the Komsomol Committee, but, though not for long - only three months, then the Komsomol was not. I do not understand why teachers do not teach acting skills! This is exactly the same profession. The only difference - in the theater you still have a partner, but now you`re standing alone - and himself a director, playwright and dresser. While searching tone that fits the room or class, it is the same. I listen and lounge, and a class - it is a subconscious process that I find it hard to explain in words. What is their attitude, they get enough sleep, or not? Some children even react to the weather.

- And how to react to fellow teachers at your double life?

- For the first time - a very cautious as to all the people who sit on two chairs. And then slowly understood and accepted, the children began to drive shoals of the performances.

- With your participation?

- With my too, which brought additional difficulties. When you played for them in the evening show, and in the morning you come into the classroom to conduct the lesson - this is extreme, especially after the "Airport". I`ve got a lot of different images, and the first few minutes, they tried to understand - you something that was already on the scene or a normal person? And once it was quite funny - at some corporate parties we did our "Three girls` room, sitting backstage waiting for release, three such backcombed aunt cigarettes. Suddenly, going by my student, "Zdras Marianne Ivanna!" It is in this concert with my mother was. The next day I took her exam in geometry ... It happens the other way: there is a theme of "Mathematics in art". If, for example, to take a series of digital and select every third digit, and then try to tap out the rhythm, you get the song