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Date of birth: 23.01.1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Vorkuta

Citizenship: Russia


In the footsteps of their parents

Maria Valeshnaya was born January 23, 1987 in Vorkuta in a family of actors. The parents of Maria Galina Melnik and Alexander Kirikov several times moved from city to city in search for the soul of the theater. Until finally, not entrenched in Kirov in the local drama theater.

Maria from an early age was familiar with the actor`s life and wanted to follow in the footsteps of parents. After high school, she was preparing to enter the theater school, but knowing about the great contests, not hoping to do the first time, and even in the budget department. It turned out that nothing is impossible. In 2005, she moved to St. Petersburg, and successfully passed three rounds, was admitted to the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (formerly LGITMiK) in the course of Grigory Kozlov.

In 2010 Maria graduated from the acting-directing course SPbGATI and entered in the company of the new theater "Workshop", which is headed by her teacher Grigory Kozlov. Under his leadership, she took part in the performances: "The Idiot" by Dostoyevsky (Nastasia), "Midsummer Night`s Dream" by Shakespeare`s play (mustard seed, Titania), "Dreams of Love" (Rice), "Two nights in a fun house "(Tamara)," Dawns here are quiet "(Gurvich).

Olga Ushakova, Taya Zlatogradova other character

For the first time on the screen Valeshnaya Maria appeared as a student in one of the episodes of the famous police series "The Streets of Broken Lamps", playing a small role treacherous criminals. This is not surprising - most of the students from St. Petersburg went through this show, filming, who in the episodes, and some in the crowd. Mary was able to more. At last, the fifth year of the Academy invited her again at the iconic project, this time entrusting a central role. With 17 minutes of the tenth season of the series "The Streets of Broken Lamps" she began to play the lieutenant Olga Ushakov.

Maria admits that at first was very nervous, her unsure how to take a new character constant fans of the series. To cope with the excitement she helped the old-timers of the project - primarily Truhin Michael, who took her under his wing. The young actress has successfully entered in the series. Having played in the tenth season of "Streets ..." she then continued shooting odinnadatsatom.

In parallel with the shooting in "Streets of Broken Lamps" Maria Valeshnaya in 2010 began working in another crime series - "State protection". Here, her character became Taya Zlatogradova Opera Malich`s wife, the former ugolovnitsa. And, it should be noted that this role has turned out much more lively and interesting than in "Streets of Broken Lamps". The series "State protection" has found its audience and for the first season was followed by a second and a third ...

I remember the young actress and pictures of other genres, in particular - melodramas. So in the film directed by Andrei Shcherbinina "Caterina 3. Fate "and" Katherine. Another life ", she played Irina, a melodrama directed by Anna Gres" Road to Mary void Valeshnaya starred Lyudmila-Camille. It should be noted that performing supporting roles, the actress has managed to pull them to a decent standard, and thus win the sympathy of the audience.


2009 Operations group - series

2009 Ivan the Terrible

2009 B.O.M.ZH. - TV series

2009-2010 Streets of broken lamps, 10 - series

2010 Secrets of the investigation - 9 - TV series

2010 State Protection - series

2011 Streets of broken lamps, 11 - series

2011 My last first love

My new life in 2011 (Ukraine)

2011 Caterina 3. Family - TV series

2011 State Protection-2 - TV series

2012 I cancel death - series

2012 Surveillance

2012 Katherine. Another life - series

2012 Road in the void (Russia, Ukraine) - series

2013 officer`s wife

2013 State Protection 3 - series

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