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Date of Birth: 07/19/1988

Age: 28

Citizenship: Russia


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Start the way. Theater

Oleynikov Maria was born July 16, 1988 in Russia. Her creative talent is revealed in high school, after which Maria Oleinikova enrolled in a course in D.G.Koznova Drama School, MS Shchepkin. Aspiring actress Maria Oleynikov was seen artistic director of the Russian realistic theater Pyshnovoy which gladly welcomes young talent in theatrical productions.

Among her theatrical works were starring roles in such productions as: "Talents and Admirers" Ostrovsky - the role of Alexandra Negin; "Eugene Onegin" AS Pushkin - the role of Olga Larina; "His people - are numbered" AN Ostrovsky - Lipochka role.


His career evolved Oleinikova Mary very well, she played in performances, starred in the movie. Her first film debut occurred in the years 2006-2011 detective series "Detectives", where she had the chance to play with Igor Ivanov, Elena Kollegova and Vladislav Dunayev. "Detective" - ??the so-called private detective agency, where from customers there was no release. Following, as is often the case with young actors, he was followed by a series of bit parts in films: "Ginger and Snow", "Women`s History", "special correspondent investigation department", "Bros".

Maria Oleynikov - delicate, feminine, with amazing features spilled noblewoman. Apparently so in 2009 the eye of director of the documentary "homesteads" stopped on Mary, who brilliantly played the role of Princess Zinaida Yusupova. A director Leonid Belozorovich, Sergey Danielian Popovich and Yuri Oleynikov invited Mary to be the Gali Ustinova in the series 2010-2011, "Institute for Noble Maidens." The film is set in 1877 at the Institute for Noble Maidens in Moscow.

This was followed by the work of Mary Oleinikova in the series "Father`s Daughter", "Chas Volkova - 4", where she appeared in the role of Lena Repnina, "Notes forwarder Secret Chancellery 2", where the actress plays the role of a friend the governor`s wife, "New life detective Gurov Continued. "the role of Albina Shahin.


Maria Oleynikov did not consider herself a public person, about his personal life, she does not like to spread, preferring to hide their microcosm from prying eyes.


2006-2011Detektivy - series

2007 Ginger and Snow

2007 Women`s History - series

2009 Granges - documentary

2009 Special correspondent investigations department

2009 Bros - series

2010-2011 Institute for Noble Maidens - series

2010 Chas Volkova - 4 - TV series

2010 New life detective Gurov. Continuation - series

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