Maria Kozlova

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Date of Birth: 07/04/1983

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia


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Years of study. The first role

His career Maria Kozlova start within the walls of the Higher Theater School. Shchukin, where she studied in the course of Vladimir Poglazova. Under his leadership, the actress played her first role on stage - in the performances of "Echelon" and "Collector".

As a student, Marie made her debut on the silver screen. Then she acted under its former name - Vladimirov (later married actress and took the surname Kozlov). In the series "The adjutants of love" Maria played Varenka Lansky, and in the series` Talisman of Love "- Nadia Uvarov. Heroines Maria Kozlova (Vladimirova) immediately won the hearts of the audience with their touching, purity and beauty.

The young star

In 2006, Maria Kozlova graduated from the WTU them. BV Shchukin, and was accepted into the theater under the direction of Armen Jigarkhanyan. At present, the young actress is busy in the play "The Extraordinary Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood."

Maria Kozlova continues to successfully act in the rating series. Thus, in the series "Juncker" she played Sonia, sister Junker Alexandrov, in the series "Champion" - Ksenya, and the show "Spellbound Love" - ??Light.


2005 adjutants of love - series

2005 Talisman of Love - TV series

Juncker 2007 - series

2008 Spellbound Love - TV series

2008 Champion - series

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