Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Picture of Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Date of Birth: 07/27/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Messina

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Olga Dunchik

Website: Celebrities

Cucinotta was born on July 27th 1969 in Italy (Messina, Sicily). Since childhood, the young Mary fascinated the art world - she dreamed about the world of show business, as well as - in secret - dreamed about the career of the actress. Creativity Maria Grazia hit others - the young lady easily demonstrated communication skills, excellent memory, an endless charisma and the ability to represent and enter into the images.

At the time, Maria Grazia Cucinotta was educated and began working as a model. Appearance and Mary were in demand photogenic - young and talented model is often invited to the shooting. Very soon Photo aspiring pop model filled pages of fashion magazines.

Since the nineties, Maria Grazia Cucinotta has reached a new stage and began to work, not only a model, but also a writer as well - produced, gradually gaining more and more popularity.

Naturally, Maria Grazia especially loved and known in his homeland - in sunny Italy, where he not only spent her childhood and adolescence, but also (once) received his first standing ovation and praise.

In the same way, Cucinotta found not only fame and success, but also the family fortune. In 1995, an ode to actress married Giulio Violati. The couple have lived together for many and gave birth to a charming Julia - his beloved daughter.

Acting career Maria Grazia Kuchinatti developed quite rapidly - she starred in the film and pleased the audience their own characters. Especially good was Mary in the role of James Bond girl in the film (in one season).

In addition, at the time the actress was involved in a wonderful and very popular project, "The Simpsons," which also was a significant moment in Kuchinnati creative career.

Currently, the actress continues to creative activities. In its plans for a multitude of creative projects, among which the most important are the role in the movie, which actress periodically offer leading filmmakers.

Maria Grazia Kuchinatti in demand today than ever before. In spite of everything, it scrupulously applies to each proposal, choosing only the best.