Maria Golubkina

Picture of Maria Golubkina

Date of Birth: 09/22/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Maria Golubkina - daughter of the famous actress Larysa Golubkina. When Masha was the year Larisa Golubkina united his life with Andrei Mironov, who at the time was married to actress Catherine Gradova. Mironov divorced from former wife only in 1976, after two godaposle moving to Golubkina.

Larisa Golubkina and Andrei Mironov lived together for fourteen years. And Andrey always thought his daughter Masha, as well as its namesake Masha Mironov, a daughter from his first marriage to Catherine Gradova.

Theatre and Cinema

After the end of the WTU them. BV Shchukin Golubkina Maria began her career in the theater, which once played Andrei Mironov - the theater of Satire.

In the movie, Maria made her debut at the age of sixteen. Her first role - Nastya in the film "Adam`s Rib". At present Maria revealed as actress after starring Amy vmelodrame Pavel Lungin`s "The Wedding" (by the way in this film and starred Maria Mironova). Since that time, she starred in many films and serials.

Maria Golubkina married popular actor and show menom Nikolai Fomenko. The couple has two children - daughter Nastya and her son Vanya.