Maria Butzki

Picture of Maria Butzki

Age: 35

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The husband and the lover under the same roof

The history of 33-year-old Mary Butsko (Maria Butzki), a resident of London (London), has got not so long ago, many world media. Indeed, the family model, which shows Mary and her two men, aroused considerable public outcry.

So when Mary and her 37-year-old husband had problems, she left him and moved to the home of her boyfriend, 36-year-old Peter (Peter). But over time, Mary realized that she really misses Paul. Tossed, a woman came to the conclusion that she loves two - her life is not complete without the two men. As a result, a solution was found, and it is very unconventional. It turned out that Paul and Peter, contrary to the laws of the genre, do not become enemies, on the contrary - they are good friends. And one day the three of them decided to live together.

`When I left Paul vmoey life was formed a huge hole, - says Maria. - But imagine life without Peter I, too, could not. So, the only solution here was the decision to be vtroem`.

So, the man suddenly got on Mary. `Peter is a great guy, - says Paul. - When Mary left me to it, I first life heartbroken. But when I met him, it turned out that we have a lot in common. We both adore fishing, and to the children he treats as a real otets`.

Peter, in turn, also praised Paul: `We are very well together. Paul did not feel that he had to share ... Maria where there is no jealousy. We feel as if one komandoy`. By the way, if it happens in this house jealousy, only the part of Mary - when both of her men go out fishing, it remains in storoneot this joy.

Generally, the `Union troih`, or even five (including two daughters) was formed at once is not easy, and before that was three years throwing Mary between Paul and Peter.

Housed members of this strange family in a very original. Peter sleeps on the couch in the living room, bedroom upstairs Paul and Mary shares a bedroom with one of the girls. As it happens vzroslaya` `part of the life of the love triangle - a mystery that Mary did not share with journalists. She just made sure that the three of them `etim` not engaged. And she said that although she has a close relationship with both men, they never discuss how not to talk about it, Peter and Paul.

In general, once Paul learned the secret of Mary and Peter novel, read the message on the phone of his wife, and then she managed to convince him that they are just friends. But after a while Peter, who at the beginning of the novel was married, left his family and moved closer to Mary, and then to hide an affair was no longer make sense.

Today, all three of us recall with horror the period of secrecy and nedogovorok.

By the way, Paul, and Mary claim that their daughters are very happy of their marital union - instead of the usual two adults in their lives present three, and they always have from whom to choose to help do their homework or with whom to go to the cinema.

Someone condemns Mary, someone pities her men, someone complains about the children. But Mary, Paul and Peter, as well as the girls live in the meantime in peace and harmony. `I know that I was very lucky to have two wonderful people in my zhizni`, - says Maria Butsko.