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Date of Birth: 06/20/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Maria Anikanova: Skates and screen

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Masha Anikanova was born June 24, 1973 in the Moscow sports family. His name she inherited from the last outstanding skaters of Ivan and Maria Anikanova, and the girl`s father, Victor Anikanov, sports doctor, has worked with teams of skaters of the Soviet Union and Russia. Skating engaged Aunt Masha, Irina Anikanova, and her mother, Irina Lyulyakovo, who also grew up in a family of gymnasts and wrestlers of classical style. Family tradition of three generations and identified early initiation girls to the sport - from three years it has become a skating. When Masha was seven, her parents separated, and Irina has directed all efforts to ensure that her daughter became famous figure skater, even at the expense of schoolwork. With the girl worked the famous Tatiana Tarasova, who rather quickly determined that becoming a successful solo performer, as a mother, Masha can not, and it is better to specialize in ice dancing. Partner girl became Samvel Ghazaryan, together they entered the youth team of the USSR. It`s hard to say what would have been the fate of Mary Anikanova sports, if not a solution to Tatiana Tarasova to organize their own ice theater `All zvezdy`. With new coach Natalia Dubova relationship Masha did not develop, and its steam Gazaryan disintegrated. Six months later Anikanova resumed training Gennady Ackerman, her partner was a former singles skater Pyotr Chernyshev. After a year of training the pair has begun to make progress, but in just a few days before important competitions Chernyshev announced his partner that flies in the United States, together with Natalia Annenko. This sporting performance Anikanova ended - but just immediately started off her acting career.

Mary Photos stored in the files `Mosfilma`, and it is from time to time received an invitation to audition - but in the first place she had the training and performances. But after parting with Chernyshev she accepted the invitation of director Soloviev and was approved on a central role (the youngest daughter of the main character) in his film `House under the starry nebom`, which was released in 1991. By the end of filming, the director asked Mary`s plans for the near future, and to learn that she is about to enter the Institute of Physical Education, recommended her to study in GITIS. Entrance examinations to which Mary was preparing very seriously together with his co-star Dmitri, the son of the director, she passed successfully. In 1992, she starred in the title role of melodrama `Tomorrow. Nuclear printsessa`, which is based on the events of the Chernobyl disaster. A year later, Mary decided that he could learn more from teachers` Schuki`, and is transferred to the school, then married a skater Evgeny Platov, in which the love with another girl of fourteen. In 1995, after graduation, Maria Anikanova was accepted into the theater `Sovremennik`. Her stage debut was in the play `Colombe Four lines for debyutantki`, they were followed by Anja in` Cherry sade` Ekaterina Shirokova in `Steep marshrute` Jeanne in` Anomalii`. However, a successful stage career interrupted by personal circumstances. In 1995, Evgeny Platov took the decision to move to the United States, and it ended in divorce - Maria did not want to change the scene `Sovremennika` on everyday housewives. But, ironically, just after the divorce she broke a whirlwind romance with the famous figure skater Ilya Kulik. And when Kulik decided to act in the United States, Maria did not sacrifice personal happiness for the sake of the theater. She resigned from `Sovremennika` and went with Ilya overseas. However, the disappointment of life housewives (and rumored romance with Ilya and Ekaterina Gordeeva) caused Mary to return to Moscow. She persuaded Volchek again take it to the `Sovremennik` and started acting in a detective (unfinished) series` Pantera` (2000) in the role of the protagonist. They were followed by several more minor roles in the television series `Fatalisty` (2001),` chesti` Code (2001), `Friendly semeyka` (2003),` 3` NEXT (2003) .Uznavaemoy actress Maria Anikanova began after the execution of the role of Svetlana Yusupova in the second, third and fourth season of `Two sudby` (2005, 2006). In 2008, Mary again had to stand on skates - this time as a figure skater Anna Berkovskii in the series` Hot led`. In the same year she played Kitty Shtcherbatskaya in another film adaptation of `Anna Kareninoy`, but this creation Solovyov, despite the stellar cast of actors was quite critical of perceived audience. But having lost the memory of a businesswoman in the series` The Woman without proshlogo` (2008) by Anikanova earned many accolades. Considerable interest was aroused and dramas Theatre `Sovremennik` with her participation - in the first place,` sad` Cherry (2006), `Flight of black lastochki` (2006),` Antony and Kleopatra` (2008), `Cool marshrut` (2008) . The latest to date, the work of Mary Anikanova on the screen is the main heroine of melodrama `Cool bereg` (2014).

Although after parting with Ilya Kulik Maria he decided that the greatest love of her life is over, the acquaintance with the actor Andrew Xiping Ramtha made her doubt it. Shy Andrew gave her a marriage proposal just a week after the first meeting. The marriage in 2003, was a happy one. In 2010, Andrew and Mary`s daughter Aglaia was born.

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