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Date of Birth: 07/12/1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Kirovohrad

Citizenship: Russia

The word "normal" should not be allowed

Author: Katherine Antonova

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Maria Andreeva - a very young actress. But working in the two theaters: in his home Maly, which came from Schepkinskogo School, where she studied in the course of Yury Solomin, and "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop", where it is - in studio group, but many engaged in the repertory. She also appeared in films ( "The Book of Masters", where she was - the young heroine does not look just lazy), and will soon play at the Maly Armande Bejart - the role of the dream of any young actress.

Your destiny is going very well: the main role of the Maly Theater, Peter Naumovicha Fomenko, in the movie. Luck always accompanied you?

- I`m afraid to think about how things work my case, since it w such "clever ideas" - and by the time you look - just .. you know, that all this time you admired him and did not do anything!. Life, some luck or the recognition of changes in a second, and rely on them as a fact not worth it. I think this is a matter of personal ways of each person. For me, what happens, and how life is made up now - it`s always something unquestionable and inalienable: so now it is so, and what will happen next - we`ll see. Apparently, I`m a fatalist.

Are you confident in your future - in regard to the profession?

- In tomorrow`s - yes. At 11.00 Run "Moliere", and then it will definitely be a rehearsal of "Alice in Wonderland", which we, in the Studio "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop", do with director Ivan Popovski. And in order to not turn away good luck .... In one product has the following sentence: "When I first saw it, I decided that the woman I love, no matter what." This is the profession I have similar thoughts - love, in spite of everything, even the most "adopt". I generally like to feel the profession as a living thing.

Speaking of "Moliere" - you find it difficult to work on the same stage, in a play with his teacher Yuri Solomin?

- On the contrary, it is a great creative joy. The sense of interaction with the teacher provide a very strong impetus to its own inner workings. I am happy to have this opportunity: Watch as an artist of such great skill, as Yuri Mefodevich, here and now creates his Moliere, and then do not be afraid "scenes with the teacher," and go and watch him ... And, of course, when it - if you do not know how to play something - shows, you want to go and shoot from the understanding that you do not beysya head against the wall, so you will not work.

Do you feel the difference in how the work in the "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" and the Maly Theater?

- If you ask which words live with me for the last two years, it will be: "You are sitting on two chairs ..." But now I can only admit to some unconditional love to those chairs, and if there is now the possibility of something done in two houses, you have to do. This is largely different space, the atmosphere, the approach to the craft, but there is a binder, and something very important: there is born creativity ...

There are things that you will not do it again in the profession?

- I hope that will never go out on stage formally, with a cold nose.

Many say that the profession is directly related to the moral, the inner world of the actor that professional opportunities depend on the filling of the inner man. Do you think this is so? As you are working on in order not to "zakostenet" and develop?

- But in another way it is impossible to be an artist, because there Skripochka violinist, the artist`s brush, the surgeon`s scalpel is, as an artist? Only he, hands, feet, eyes, heart, thoughts, feelings. And if the inside is empty, with gulkin nose, it is always felt. Braving the indifference, when I see that the actor is quiet, "normal." And if you think, what is normal? This word is generally necessary to prohibit: a ballerina "normal" twist fuete 35, for the addict is "normal" to use drugs on a daily basis, and for the artist is "normal" should not be. When you can not see personal relationships, personal pain and personal thoughts, then that`s great scares. How often says Peter N. "All have been in the arts, not only had you." I would rather badly wrong, cruel, than in any way. Therefore, an artist, as I see it, "not zakostenet" should pull themselves that there is no "normal".

What are you interesting in? What do you see, read, listen to?

- The last time noshus to theaters, watch performances ... more surprises, more annoying, more inspiring. Recently watched "Shukshin Stories" at the Theatre of Nations, the first time I saw the actor Yevgeny Mironov, did not know that so honestly and ably possible to exist on stage. I love the circus "Cirque du Soleil" to unconsciousness, I love everything that makes Woody Allen, I like to read biographies ... that something like that.

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