Marguerite Yvonne Vallee

Picture of Marguerite Yvonne Vallee

Date of Birth: 02/21/1899

Age: 67

Place of birth: Bordeaux

Citizenship: France


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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She was the wife of the French actor and singer Maurice Chevalier (Maurice Chevalier) from 1927 to 1933. Before marriage Valley danced with him in a pair. Also, with the Chevalier actress she appeared in the operetta, and was a member of the ensemble made its debut in Paris (Paris) with the musical `The Beauty of New Yorka` ( `Belle of New York`).

According to reports, her future husband met Yvonne in 1924, at a time when Maurice was in depression after his return to France from New York City (New York City), where it failed venture. The case took a serious turn so that the actor tried to commit suicide, but the meeting with the Valley changed its zhiznv better. Three years later, the lovers were married.

Famous Welsh journalist Kadlipp Percy (Percy Cudlipp) so told about the acquaintance and Chevalier Valley in history called `Own history of Maurice Shevale` (` Maurice Chevalier`s Own Story`) 1930:

`On the open stage (theater) Bouffe Parisienne went into full swing listening. Participants were selected on the future revue, where Maurice Chevalier had become a star. One by one, the candidates were separated from the group waiting to soar and dance or sing to Chevalier and his producers could make their choice. There was one girl who made her dance special impression on the audience. She was a small, silent and shy. She danced as if he enjoyed the process, but did not make it necessary. When was quiet shrill-sounding piano, one of the producers said: `Mademoiselle prinyata`, and soon the girl named Yvonne Valley heard that I should be dancing in a revue as a partner Shevale`.

In the same story, Maurice tells about the development of relations with Yvonne: `Valley became my permanent partner dancing. Meanwhile, we had to become something more than good friends. We realized that fell in druga`. And Maurice Chevalier proposed to her in 1926. They wanted to get married quietly, but paparazzi still find out about the place of the ceremony.

Together with her husband, Yvonne often performed together, including in the musical Ludwig Berger (Ludwig Berger) `Paris pleyboy` (` Playboy of Paris`), and the duo performed the song `Dit`s moi M`sieur Chevalier`. In the banal reason of incompatibility after 8 years of marriage, the couple divorced. After that, a new partner was the Chevalier dancer Nita Ray (Nita Ray).

Valley Yvonne died on June 15, 1996, at the age of 97 years, in Vallauris, France (Vallauris, France). She is buried in Park Cemetery du Grand Jas in Cannes (Cimeti & # 232; re du Grand Jas, Cannes).