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Date of Birth: 04/04/1966

Age: 50

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Honored Artist of Russia (2009)


Margarita Shubina could well become an artist. As a child, she studied at the Art School, showing good results. And it could be a writer - in high school Margarita won the city competition and get directions to the Literary Institute, Gorky, where she had been willing to accept without examination.

But neither the one nor the other did not happen. The reason for this irrepressible energy of Margarita. She recalls: "... in me something gurgled constantly, I`m inherently rebellious. Never was a good girl, she loved the boys playing cops and robbers, climbed on the roofs, in a word, was growing daredevil, hooligan ... "Mama Margarita, Will Danilovna and told her daughter that her restlessness, it is unlikely for several hours standing at the easel or write novels.


Margarita Shubina admits that she always liked someone to portray. Perhaps this led her into the walls of GITIS. At the famous institute she entered easy the first time, and it is - despite the huge competition.

In GITIS Margarita had a chance to learn on the course Oscar Yakovlevich Remez. Study it also was easy. Already in the fourth year, the young actress has worked in the Mayakovsky Theater, where she was invited Andrey Goncharov. With Irina Rozanova they rehearsed the role of Maroussi in the "Sunset" Babel. However, to play in this performance to both of them did not succeed, since it was issued for five years. But he played in many others.

After GITIS called her to him almost all the Moscow theaters. Course Director Oscar Yakovlevich Remez even joked about it: "Rejoice that you at least TYUZ not invited." As a result, Margaret accepted the invitation of Paul Chomsky, the head of the Theater. Moscow City Council.

Theater Mossovet

The Mossovet Theater Margarita Shubin came in 1989, and since then, as well as working on the scene. Theater-goers will remember her legendary performance Tsezoniyu of Peter Fomenko "Caligula", where Margarita played together with the famous Oleg Menshikov. The actress calls this work a godsend. Good images were it established in the performances: "Running" (Lyuska), "Twelfth Night (Olivia)," Thomas Opiskin "(Tatiana)" Errors One Nights "(Kat Hardkestl)," The Government Inspector "(Akhmatova)," Little Cahes "(Frau Lisa)," Lady! Lady! Another lady! "(Zamuhryshkina)," Moral Pani Dulskoy "(Mrs. Dulskaya)," The Cherry Orchard "(Charlotta Ivanovna), and many others.

In addition Margarita Shubina took part in performances of Theatre of Nations "Experience of development of the play" The Seagull "Stanislavsky system" (Masha) and Theatre

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