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Date of Birth: 07/10/1932

Age: 73

Place of birth: New Lala

Citizenship: Ukraine


Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Dovzhenko (1999, for his role in the Prony Prokopovna / f "Chasing Two Hares")

Winner of the Special priaz "Stozhary" Film Festival for his contribution to Ukrainian cinema (1999)

Cavalier of the Order of Princess Olga of III degree for significant personal contribution to the development of the national cinematography, creative achievements and professionalism (2002)

Author: Natalia Gonchar

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I appreciate the dedication - often betrayed me

MV Krinitsyna


Margarita V. was born in the Urals. According to his father - Russian. And my mother - whether Magyar, or Aryan. Father Vasily Krinitsyn was a military and family for a long time toured the camp. And then in the life of the little Rita suddenly entered the war. From Krinitsin family went to the front four - father of Margaret and his three brothers, the youngest of which is only just managed to finish school. The family was living in the city of Kirov. Mom went to work at a munitions factory, and the children remained in the care of her grandmother. Uneducated old woman from a small village Ural treasured family home and caressed grandchildren who are very respected it and considered this "comedian". Grandma always able to find something funny in their hard life. "It was, as they say," smeshnyachka "- recalled much later Margarita Vasilevna. - Illiterate peasant, undermined the health of hard work, she never discouraged, funny was insane. If you come from somewhere, be sure to tell all the details with the ridiculous details. "

Grandmother`s comedic talent was inherited Margarita. The girl liked to copy adults, organize funny jokes, loved to parody - teachers, directors. And at the end of 10th grade girlfriend advised: "You`re so funny - go to the actress" Although childhood Krinitsyna wanted to be a lawyer As she herself explained this desire:.. "Because when we played with the kids, they were hiding, and I`m always all found. "from Moldova, where the family came after the war, after his father, from Balti Margarita went to conquer Moscow.

Film Institute

The desire to become an actress overcame her maiden modesty before strict examiners and beauties-rivals. VGIK girl laugh all the selection committee: did not know how to sing, but singing, dancing was not able to - to dance. And it was all very funny.

Her talent made a lasting impression - Krinitsyn enrolled not only in the All-Union Institute of Cinematography, but also in the Vakhtangov school - one of the best theater schools of the country. Margarita prefer cinema. But all my life in her heart pain responds mention of unused potential to become a theater actress ...

In the postwar period the Institute of Cinematography studied a whole galaxy of great future actors and directors: Alla Larionov Nikolai Ribnik, Tatiana Konyukhov, Nina Grebeshkova, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Marlene Hutsiev Gregory Chukhray. The youth radiated cheerfulness and was filled with hope and creative ideas. By the science treated easily.

That`s what Krinitsyna remembers about his student years: "I lived in a dormitory on the Yauza, near Moscow. At the session, we went by train. However, a freshman VGIK was not yet his dorm, so we rented a hut in the suburbs. The tiny room we lived six girls! Furniture - almost none. Iron bed tables yes. "

"Student VGIK not allowed to be painted, only powder. So were all the natural beauty. Alla Larionov, Nina Grebeshkova, Rufus Nifontova. From the guys stood Nikolay fish Ikov. The charm of it is staggering! When the workshop Gerasimov and Makarova in the graduation performance "Peter I" did not have the actors, I was invited to the role of Boyarina Buynosovoy. Gerasimov spoke with the students very tactfully. They Makarova at all rehearsals were sitting side by side. I remember that she told her husband a low, throaty voice: "Seryozha, keep yourself in the back, I beg." And Gerasimov once stretched into a string. Kolya Rybnikov played Peter. He was a joker and humorist. He lived in a dormitory. I remember we often met with him on the New Year`s celebration. The girls used to come to the boys, and the fun begins! The boys drank vodka, we - port "Three Seven", then danced ... "

A rare comic talent Krinitsin gave hope for a bright prospect. It is said that Moscow`s directors had lists of actors who could play "Distinguishing" role. The names of the men held the two sheets, women - half a page: Ranevskaya, Nosov, Gurchenko, Rumyantsev Mordjukova, Koperzhinskaya ... and Krinitsyna. For the actress this level, of course, could find roles in the films, which are then often shot at "Mosfilm" studio and Gorky ... And for that, it was better to stay in the capital of cinema. Margarita Krinitsyn taken to the theater actor, called on view in Vakhtangov, was invited to the Moscow City Council theater. Krinitsyn also attracted "Contemporary". As she reproached herself for what at one time I did not went to Oleg Efremov. In 1955, Rita was rehearsing a scene with him in the comedy by Boris Barnet, "Liang". Young actors playing passionate lovers. "But this is all we have and over, - says Margarita Krinitsyna. - We had to go to him, to ask permission to rehearse, appear. And I do not approached, ashamed. No, I was more attracted to the theater than cinema. But then I realized. When the train has already left. "But love soon led Margarita to Kiev.

Marriage. Moving to Kiev

Back in college, on the fourth course, she was married to the former front-line soldier, talented Ukrainian writer Eugene Onopriyenko ( "some" old "go to fight). Margarita V. remembers "The wedding was celebrated in the restaurant" Aragvi ", in the hall on the second floor. All rate reset and go celebrate. By the way, I have some of her husband, Eugene, repulsed at Isolde Izvitskaya. However, it is with me for it is not offended. Then the wedding was my best man. I remember, there was only one gift - perfume "Fairy Tale". Everything else is spent on food. And wear something I had nothing. Dress from light cream coat gave me second cousin`s wife. True, when I first came to enter VGIK. She saw me in great tattered shoes, with braids, wrapped in bublichki, and only waved her hands. "For, - he says - at least put on a decent dress." This dress sewn bell, and I wore to the last course. It and the wedding went. Eugene does not matter too was wearing. I remember we went to sign I was waiting for him near the metro. And then there he was, in a gray suit, a green hat and baggy green tie. I already sat down, I think, "God, who is it?" And so began our life together ... "

Evgeny Fedorovich Onopriyenko then studied at the VGIK nastsenarnom Gabrilovich and received distribution on the Moldovan "Newsreel" studio chief editor.

"And I, after graduating in 1955, received a distribution in the Moscow theater actor - recalls Margarita Vasilevna. - Such was our family RV, he came to me, corresponded. Then he was assigned to Kiev, and I said I will not go. I`ve got a theater unfolding interesting events: I rehearsed with Garin, and yet Moscow. But somehow Jack invited me in Kiev, showed the city. "Did you read Gogol`s the Dnieper, look, what a luxury river!" And I really like the look of this mountain on such a beauty, just froze. God, what a beautiful city! By the way, to move to Kiev, then helped him famous actress of Soviet cinema Isolde Izvitskaya with which we were friends even with studencheskhih years. That`s how it happened, I was left, the first years, was torn to Moscow, and then, and was used, and since 1959 we have continually lived in Kiev. My husband told me not to worry, in Kiev opens a theater actor, will work, but it is opened, it seems, after 25 years, opened, worked for two years, and he, as my daughter says, "schez" ... "

They lived on the edge. First Film Studio near them. Dovzhenko. In those years it was a suburb, then - a wasteland. Much later, everything is built up and there was a mill building "Press of Ukraine". Trinadtsatimetrovaya room in a communal apartment. Long as a pencil case. It was the home of filmmakers, many of them also studied at VGIK. Neighbors and Krinitsyn Onopriyenko were Vadim Ilienko Anatoly Bukovsky, Suren Shahnazyan, Sergei Paradjanov. Here I was born the daughter of Krinitsyn - Alenka. Then they were given a bigger room.

Krinitsina remembers about her husband: "Jack was a little bluff in character ... When to someone jealous, became just like a tiger. Othello with him can not be compared. In a rage, he threw things from the fifth floor - the window flew coat, boots, dresses. However, then he went and collected everything. But I`m very patient - I could be wrong, but I stayed and sat quietly. Often we have had conflicts resulting from domestic violence. Sometimes, Eugene and drank. He`s a war veteran ... "

acting career

By the time of the move to Kiev behind Margaritas has had roles in the movies. She starred in "Good Morning" (1955) by L. Durov, then a student. Auditioned for the lead role in the movie Basil Orda "Secret of beauty", but did not get it - did not come to the rehearsal (she was not told that the director is waiting for her, and from that moment she realized that the unlucky). Several times he recommended Rita Pyryev. It turns out that he was on her graduation performance, and then said: "Immediately try it on Desdemona!" A Krinitsyna considered herself ugly and long-ran for the University and cried: "Well, what I Desdemona Look at me!" That box out of "Dead Souls", she played very well. In general, with seventeen years old woman were her forte.

Yuri Chulyukin really wanted to make Krinitsyn in his film "The Girls" (1961). They were familiar with him since the VGIK. The "girls" Margarita was supposed to play the role of Nadi, which then went to Inna Makarova. And it is not allowed to shoot "State cinema." Then she was already working in Ukraine, and in Moscow tried to take actresses of the theater actor. Chulyukin then called Margaret and said: "Rita, I really fought for you But nothing happened ...."

Krinitsyna auditioned for a comic role alongside Andrew Owl of the great Sergei Parajanov. He looked at the sample came up to her and said: "Listen, you have absolutely tragic eyes What a comic role.?" By the way, when Parajanov was not in Kiev, Margarita Vasilyevna came Roman Balayan, and said: "We received a letter from the Paradjanov, he writes that looked" Chasing Two Hares "and believes that you - a dramatic actress" ...

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