Margarina Sergeecheva

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Date of Birth: 05/24/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Novomoskovsk

Citizenship: Russia


The main baby face of Soviet cinema

Margarita Sergeechevoy was six years old when she and her mother came to the performance of the Leningrad BDT. During the intermission, a curious girl snuck backstage, where he met with the famous actor Yefim Kopelyan. Yefim Zakharovich so pleased girl, he hastened to tell about it on "Lenfilm". Soon followed the invitation. So, unexpectedly for itself became the youngest actress Rita.

Started Margarita Sergeecheva with roles in children`s short films by different directors from the stories of Victor Dragoon: "Fire in the lodge, or exploit in ice" (Rita), "Spyglass" (Alenka), "Captain" (Alenka), "Where is have you seen where ever heard "(Lena Ilyutina). The director of one of the short films ( "Captain") was Ayan Shahmalieva. It`s the Margarita entrusted the main role in the film "Strange adults."

Telefilm "Strange adult" was set based on the story and narrated about A.Minchkovskogo Tone girl taken from foster care betdoma childless couples. A serious dramatic role demanded of the young actress a huge internal tension. Rita coped magnificently, her Tonya-Juliet, charming girl with white braids, just shocked everyone with his grown-up mind. Not by chance the painting was awarded the Grand Prix "Golden Prague" at the XII MKTF in Prague and the Prize of the USSR Union of Cinematographers at the VI VFTF.

Since that time, Rita Sergeecheva for a long time has become a major baby-faced in the Soviet cinema. She starred in the film Ayan Shahmalievoy "Children as Children" (Olya) and "Light in the Window" (Rita), the tale of Gennady Vasilyev "Until the clock strikes" (Masha), biopic Igor Voznesensky "Fourth height" (Gulya Koroleva in childhood).

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