Margaret Murray Washington

Picture of Margaret Murray Washington

Date of Birth: 09/03/1865

Age: 60

Place of birth: Macon

Citizenship: United States

The President of the National Association of women of color

Born Margaret in Macon, Mississippi (Macon, Mississippi) to the family of sharecroppers. Margaret`s father was a descendant of Irish mother - African-American woman. At seven years old girl lost her father; eventually it passed into the care of the Quakers.

Even as a child, Margaret read a lot and very very well at school. For 14 years she has demonstrated such education that the school even offered her the post of teacher. Teach a girl like; determined to continue teaching career, she enrolled at Fisk University (Fisk University). Preparatory courses Margaret defeated in 5 years, the base year of college - the University of 4.enno Fisk Murray met with Booker T. Washington. Washington quickly realized that he was dealing with a model pupil - and eventually even offered the post of Margaret University Director, once belonged to his deceased second wife.

Margaret, however, Booker liked not only as a teacher - in 1890, in his letters to Washington she described raged in her chest feeling. A year later, Booker did Margaret proposal; after some hesitation, accepted the proposal Margaret - and in 1893 they were married. Lived wife in the same house with a whole galaxy of Washington`s family - including his deteyot first marriages; only in 1901 and Margaret Booker able to move in a specially erected for them Duby` estate `(` The Oaks`). Similarly to characterize their relationship was quite difficult - Washington rarely formally expressed his feelings towards third wife, and the first two fully recover losses and failed; however, the hostess Margaret was just exemplary, and in general the couple lived relatively happily.

When she was the director of Tuskegee University in the city she created Women`s Club (Tuskegee Woman`s Club); her public activity has played a significant role in the development of women`s freedom in general and the struggle for the rights of black women in particular.

In 1896, Margaret was one of the founders of the National Association of women of color (National Association of Colored Women). Washington created a rural school, taught women the right to live and take care of the homes, worked to improve prison conditions and to actively care for the poor and homeless children.

In 1912, Washington became the fifth president of the National Association of women of color. Margaret continued her public activities, and after her husband`s death in 1915. Margaret herself died in `Dubah` in 1925; They buried her in the university cemetery, next to her husband.