Marcella Albani

Picture of Marcella Albani

Date of Birth: 07/12/1901

Age: 57

Place of birth: Rome

Citizenship: Italy


Marcella was born December 7, 1901 in Rome. After high school, she began an affair with the Roman aristocrat and movie director Guido Parish and thanks to this acquaintance came to cinema screens, making his debut in 1919 in the film "Embrace death." In the early 20`s a lot Parish filmed it - just Marcella appeared in sixteen of his films. The most successful of them were pictures of "The Tempest", "waves Daughter" and "Love on the run" (all three relate to 1921).

In 1923 Marcella Parish and moved to Berlin, where the young actress went on to star in the lead roles and has been favorably accepted by the audience. After 1926 she divorced Parish, she filmed known directors of those years - Friedrich Zelnik, William Dieterle and Joe May.

The heyday of the actress`s career came in the 1927 & # 8722; 1929 years. During this period she poyavilasv seventeen films, working not only in Germany but also in France, Austria and Italy. One of her most memorable works of that period - a picture of Russian emigre director Alexander Volkov "Scheherazade" (1928), where Marcella played together with Dita Parla, Alexander Vertinsky and Russian artist Dmitriev.

Since the beginning of the era of sound film her career gradually began to droop. Marcella nashlasebe new hobby - literature - and has written several novels. One of them is called "City of Love" in 1934, her husband was a movie, directed by Mario Francini and Marcella sang in this film the main role. In 1936, she left the cinema, playing the last in the western German "Emperor of California", and settled on the coast of Liguria. Marcella Albani died May 11, 1959 in Wiesbaden.