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American entrepreneur, investor, software engineer ,and multimillionaire, known above all as a co-author of Mosaic, the first widely known web browser. In addition, they know how to make and co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation, and as a participant in the project Ning, Facebook, eBay and many others. Marc Andreessen is called one of the people who changed the Internet.Born Marc Lowell Andreessen (Marc Lowell Andreessen) in 1971 in Cedar Falls, Iowa (Cedar Falls, Iowa), and spent his childhood in New Lisbon, Wisconsin (New Lisbon, Wisconsin). Father Mark Andreessen Lowell (Lowell Andreessen), worked as a manager in the `Pioneer Seed`, mother, Patricia (Patricia), worked in the apparel company.From childhood Mark attracted technology, and he became interested in computers, even before I first saw him. So, he studied books Basic, and the school itself has developed a program to solve problems in mathematics.

When parents realize that a passion for computers son is quite real, they gave Mark a computer,then he started programming is serious.

Andreessen received a Bachelor`s Degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and it is in college, Mark found on the World Wide Web, which then occupied the most brilliant minds of the computer geeks of the world.It is in connection with the Internet name of Marc Andreessen, and later became known to the whole world.

So, he had the idea of creating a kind of program that will provide an opportunity to use the Internet, even for people with poor computer skills. The browser had its understandable graphical interface, he also invented the button ` ` Nazad` and Vpered` ,which considerably facilitates the user to the problem. By the way, his friend and partner was then Eric Bean (Eric Bina).

Mosaic - he is so named his creation Andreessen actually exactly Mosaic became the prototype of all modern web browsers.

Andreessen sincerely believed in the commercial viability of Mosaic,and soon it was established `Mosaic Communications Corporation`. Andreessen was listed in kompaniisouchreditelem and vice president of technology. However, the name had to be changed to `Netscape Communication Corp` soon as the University of Illinois, who created his own brand computer browser, the program received all rights ,and the university has been against the use of their names in another project. Whatever it was, Mark worked in the Silicon Valley, and the first browser, released `Netscape`, called Navigator. By the way, the Navigator was an improved version of Mosaic, he was distinguished by greater simplicity and performance, and very soon ,as soon as `Netscape Communication Corp` placed their shares, Marc became a multimillionaire. Navigator, meanwhile, went on to conquer the market.

Later, Mosaic was bought from the University of Illinois by Microsoft, and after modernization it has become known today around Internet Explorer.

In mid- 1990s Internet Explorer has become a free application standard Windows package, and despite the fact that, according to many, the Navigator was better in many respects, appeared to compete with Microsoft is still not able to do. As a result, `Netscape` was sold, and Marc Andreessen left the company soon after its sale.

The next project was the brand `Loudcloud`- The company software development, later renamed `Opsware`. By the way, Mark worked with Ben Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) and Tim Howes (Tim Howes). Later, and `Ospware` was sold, bought it ` Hewlett-Packard`. This deal made Mark Andreessen one of the most prominent and successful Internet entrepreneurs.Mark and today is actively developing - one of his latest projects is the new browser to Facebook, promises to become a ` browser buduschego`

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