Mamuka Kikaleyshvili

Picture of Mamuka Kikaleyshvili

Date of Birth: 08/10/1960

Age: 39

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


The charming actor

Mamuka Kikaleyshvili was born in Tbilisi. His mother, People`s Artist of Georgia Leila Dzugrashvili, worked all his life in the Theater. Shota Rustaveli. Dad, Andro Kikaleyshvili was its director.

In 1981 Mamuka Kikaleyshvili graduated from the Acting Department TGITI them. Shota Rustaveli, and was taken to the Tbilisi Academic Theater. Mardzhanishvili. Then he places the movie debut of actor - in 1982 he starred in the melodrama Vladimir Grigoriev "Since then, as we have together."

In 1984 Kikaleyshvili left the theater and become an actor studio "Georgia-Film". He starred in several films: comedy fiction parable "The story of a seasoned pilot," an ironic thriller "Gentlemen Adventurers", the musical comedy "Men and all the rest."

Kikaleyshvili fame came after the release of the 1988 comedy "Bastard", Vagif Mustafayev filmed. The actor played the role of Hattama, who, wishing to get rid of ridicule and loser roles, in the short term makes a spectacular career - from the desktop to the director of the souvenir factory. For this role Kikaleyshvili was awarded the prize at the film festival in Gabrovo. Immediately after this Kikaleyshvili cemented his success in the role of Sancho Panza film Rezo Chkheidze "The Life of Don Quixote and Sancho."

In 1990 Mamuka Kikaleyshvili established his own studio, where he made his debut as a director, put together with L. Uzunyanom film "Fallen Angel", which starred.

In the first half of the 90 Kikaleyshvili filmed especially a lot, usually in comedy, eccentric roles Distinguishing roles. His mischievous, cheerful, sometimes roguish characters loved by many viewers. Charming, cheerful, plump, he was immediately recognized on the street. Even the name itself is the best suited to him - "Mamuka" is translated from the language of the mountain Georgian means "sunrise". People say it gentle name, by definition, can not be angry with his owner.

Recent years

In the late `90s Kikaleyshvili had to leave Georgia and go to Moscow. "I ran out of life without his case. Unclaimed actor - samyyneschastny man in the world, at whatever position it either administered, - Mamuka A. confessed. - There were other reasons why I was forced to leave Georgia. Despite the fact that it was engaged in creative affairs, he landed in political wrangles. I was declared an enemy of the people. If a person did not support our former president Zviad Gamsakhurdia, his whole body, every fiber of the soul, it was believed that he was opposed to the government. Gamsakhurdia, who spoke many languages ??- French, English, German, starogrecheskom, Russian, - has built a career on nationalism. Intellectuals are not reconciled with that. And so it began! People planted. Soot and me. "

In Moscow, he starred in various films and television series - comedy Villena Novak "The Princess and the beans," Igor Maslennikov in the film adaptation of the detective Joanna Chmielewska "What did the dead" in the comedy Eldar Ryazanov`s "old horse".

For a while he worked as an advisor of the Embassy of Georgia in Moscow, he was a trustee of the All-Russian Public Foundation them. Nikolai Ozerov, constantly meeting people.

In Moscow, he lived with his wife Tatiana, which, in his own words, was happy. But at the same Kikaleyshvili she continued to yearn for home, where was his son Andrew. "Of course, the bad that I live in another country. I would love to come to Moscow to work on shooting, as he did twenty years ago ", - he confessed the actor.

In recent years, Kikaleyshvili persevered Birthday own TV show "The Mamuka", whose idea was born during the life of Vlad Listyev, something already shoot. "The genre is to be akin to making Benny Hill, and did Charlie Chaplin. Let it be funny, music and always a beautiful show with the participation of no less beautiful girls. The presence of the latter does not mean that the viewer has to say to his eight-year son: "Do not look. It`s not for you".

The program was supposed to be all - laughter and tears, sadness and joy. This Mamuka Kikaleyshvili able to give the viewer. Unfortunately I did not have time. On the morning of May 3, 2000 a wonderful actor died ...