Maksim Sergeev

Picture of Maksim Sergeev

Date of Birth: 21/03/1968

Age: 48

Citizenship: Russia

In a past life I was Aboriginal.

Cafe "Comedians" theater, where he works Maxim, we quietly drank a cup of coffee, but when I turn on the recorder, like an actor`s face changed. Frowns, his hands trembling, his eyes running around ...

Something you`re nervous. Rarely have to give interviews?

- Here you are caught! Simply I am not yet warmed up: it is necessary to someone to play! Sometimes, I start to sing directly into the bed. Or come to the theater and shout from the doorway: "So! Why doorman is not there ?! "Of course, everyone understands that this is a joke.

And on the set of "The Crow" as Hochma?

- Sometimes. "Well, where do you put the camera ?! Do not look at me! "

I never would have thought! Especially presenting temper your character ...

- When did the idea of ??the series, directed by Boris Gorlov, with which we are taught in the workshop Sonya, mysteriously said: "Will I have to play a major KGB." I imagined edakogo martinet. And then it turned out that it is not in major`s uniform and the image I got even romantic. In general, it was great working on the show, much to invent really right in front of the camera.

What is the most memorable of shooting Anna Germ?

- Our crazy sex scene when I showered her with rose petals. I asked Gorlov, "Boris, this is not necessary, it`s awful! This Indian cinema! I can not, I will not do it, "but many, to my surprise, admiration:" Oh, it`s so beautiful! Great! Stunning scene! "But in general Ani extremely challenging role. It must play a full naive, and this despite the fact that her character was not ninth-graders in the third part of the series we`ll see?

- Yes, my character it will have a line and even, perhaps, heroic death. But while it is premature to talk about it.

Fire Navy

In this case, than it is now doing?

- Just I finished shooting in two series "Cops" - in the continuation of the story "Man of our city." Go in the other sample series, but still nothing is clear. I play in the theater, busy in many productions, have been here for 11 years and are satisfied with the local company.

In the theater, especially not earn money ...

- Unfortunately yes. Earlier there was a different situation. In addition to salary, we received benefits from the theater, some cards, plus a theater we paid for some of the activities and services, such as a swimming pool. Money for life enough. Now I am leading actor, earning the theater less than a worker in the office. So I have a film, dubbing and a host of interesting works. For example, the designer sometimes invites a friend to help him with the next project.

Why did you decide to become an actor? He worked as a designer would have.

- And there was no choice.

Had Dad ordered?

- No, but Dad, Vladimir Alexandrovich, I have a very talented person. At all feasts he always toastmaster. And at that time, when I did, it was a wonderful photographer and worked for ENEA Kazakh SSR. My mother, Larisa Yakovlevna, data center engineer. I grew up in Alma-Ata, studied at drama school and was going to military school. One grandfather, my pilot, and the other was too close to the power structures. But when choreographer iznashey studio learned of my intention, it said, "Over my dead body! Will you go with Pasha arrive in Leningrad. " And, to my surprise, I did the first time. After a year of study - by the way, together with Igor Kopylov (Vanya Larin in "Black Crow") - I was drafted into the army. He served two years of a firefighter in the Northern Fleet and returned to the first year, he studied with the Nagiyev, Lifanova, Klimushkin. He graduated in 1992, then went to graduate school, he taught stage speech at the institute.

It turns out that all your relatives in Almaty?

- Yes, after the war, my family ended up in Kazakhstan. Users war, they were not free to decide their own destiny, even though my grandfather - a hereditary Muscovite. Who still live in Alma-Ata: parents, grandparents, sister, Anastasia. She was 29 years old, she already has its own family, the son Vadim.

Often ride to the parents?

- Now it is very rare: it is troublesome and expensive. It is cheaper to go to Europe, than in Kazakhstan. Plane one-way ticket costs 220 dollars. Two years ago, I went with the kids on the train - it was epic ...

Pig in oranges

How many children do you have?

- Two. The youngest, Ilya, six years older, Artyom, nine. They learn in different schools: one in English and another in French school. I have a good, disciplined boy! With my wife we ??divorced, but I constantly vizhus with children, and they are working me - as actors in dubbing. Artem, for example, the voice of Pinocchio in the eponymous cartoon, and "Beauty and the Beast" dubbed the cup. However, I always sit there and click on the handle when you have to say. They have not yet want to be actors, but very much like to be in the theater.

Maybe you have your own business?

- No, but thinking about this all the time there - I have good organizational skills. I think it could go in parallel producing activities. Although now I am much more interested not in money, and human relations: how people take an occasion for joy and happiness in their daily lives?

At home on the farm to do something?

- I can do everything. Once even spent the lighting in the office at 140 square meters. Generally, I like to do household chores. Here there are fortune-telling - who you were in a past life. It turns out that I was Aboriginal - female guardian of any children in Australia. Maybe that`s why home products always buy me. If you have guests, I find it easier to wash the dishes right away, rather than leave the next day. Cooking like.

Which dishes?

- Always different, I do not even remember your own recipes. On the way home I call to find out what to buy. One time we were very fond of Chinese cuisine. Of course, as in restaurants, we did not, but still at dinner - the pig in oranges, the chicken in pineapple, the lamb with peaches. And every time - it`s improvisation. For example, take the pork slices, onions, carrots - all fried, tushish and sauce can do whatever. It depends on the imagination. By the way, Anna Germ exchanged recipes. It was in our time is a favorite dish - fried shrimp: the garlic, the onion, then with some seasonings.