Maks Linder

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Date of Birth: 12/16/1883

Age: 41

Place of birth: Saint-Lubes

Citizenship: France

Max Linder. The latest death

Author: Hope Turikova

Website: Celebrities

The actor had to put up with a smile of fate he had in his heart felt insult. Linder wanted to play "Heroes", but the mask he put on himself with the pseudonym firmly rooted. He was not offered other roles. Max in all situations remained Max - "Max at the Opera," "Max is looking for a bride," "Max is going ahead." Trying to make your character actor at least a little like a "hero" - hide the invisible growth (1 meter 58 centimeters) by means of high heels, bring in the way of lyrical touches - absolutely did not like the public. About Max Lindere- "hero" and one did not want to hear. But there was an incredible demand for comic Linder. In 1910, on the Grands Boulevards in Paris opened a cinema "Max Linder", where every week showed films with his participation.

A year later, the actor seriously ill. Paris followed Linder temperature jumps with no less interest than the spot exchange rate on the exchange. The city was in a fever greater than the actor himself. Max could not resist the love of the public, he recovered! But the dream of "heroic" not leave Linder. He picked up a pike and fought with this bull ( "Max-toreador"). A newspaper wrote that Max fought with her calf, which tied the rubber horn. Ah well?! Max picks up a real weapon and go volunteer at the real front - to fight with the Germans, who had to pay quite nedavnogotovy company "Pate" half a million of compensation, just to get Max for at least six months ...

Russia first "buried" Max. The Russian press reported "heroic death" of the artist. In 1913, Linder arrived on tour in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Odessa. Max`s first appearance in Russia was prepared very effectively. On the screen was shown "the way" of the actor from Paris: Max rides on the train, Max gets into the airplane that crashed. But then Max unhurt down to grate on stage theater!

In Peter enthusiastic audience directly at the train station unharnessed horses and hands carried a crew with the actor to theater. In Odessa, for the arrival of "Maksikom" too carefully prepared: a few days a fake Max (made up as a comic actor) walked across the bridge under the cheers of onlookers. The audience paid a fortune to see "live" Max Linder. However, the "live", he disappointed many. As an interpreter was assigned to Linder entertainer, French-speaking. Neither he nor the audience did not understand a word of what is said Max. Linder said the words a child, mercilessly distorting language. The public was outraged, and the actor had to retire, without waiting for the end of the tour. Therefore, the news of the death of saddened Linder in Russia is far from all. But the loyal fans of the actor attacked "Pate" company representative office in Moscow and did not leave it so long until Linder has not sent a telegram: "alive, healthy Max!".

In fact, Leander found himself on the verge of death - he was severely contused. Spas actor hated small stature. If he had become a "true hero", the bullet would have hit him in the heart.

Max was long treated in a sanatorium, and then went overseas to conquer Hollywood. Kinofirmu "Essen", from which left Chaplin decided to replace it with Max Linder. Now who dares to give a hint about the "lack of talent" Linder? But under the contract of 12 paintings by Max manages to make only three. Repeating almost the same story as in Russia: a noisy meeting, straining press ... and a complete failure.

Prostrate idol returns to France. Linder is experiencing severe depression, more time is spent on the recovery. Only two years after his return from America in 1919, produces a picture of Max `in a small cafe. " The success of the film inspires. The actor is preparing for battle, because America remained unconquered! This time he takes off without a contract, at your own risk. The painting "Three fixers" (witty parody of the "Three Musketeers") was the pinnacle of creativity Max Linder. Yet he has become a hero, himself d`Artanyanom! Max is elegant and ironic, courageous without muzhikovatosti, great fences. But luck was costly to the actor: During filming, he suffered severe burns and eye six weeks spent in a dark room with a blindfold. Max once again buried alive.

Hell no! He`s still alive, he might even like! They, forty, 18 year old was fascinated by the beautiful Helen Peters, the daughter of respectable bourgeois Flemish. Helen`s parents strongly opposed the marriage. But Max abducts the girl, August 2, 1923 marries her and takes in Vienna. There he takes his last comedy "The King of the Circus".

Linder Austria met with restraint, but to sweeten the pill, it solemnly elected to the presidency of the Association of Film Authors. Max it`s all good. Despite the birth of his daughter Maud, his marriage was extremely unhappy. For many years the Peters family hid from the girl the secret of her birth. Subsequently adult Maud has done much to revive the glory of his father. She has traveled all the film library of the world in search of the old shorts Linder and released the film "The Max Linder Company" in 1963, consisting of three American paintings.

... Some say that it was a deliberate suicide, while others insisted that Max Linder killed himself in a fit of neurasthenia. Reliably one: October 31, 1925 Linder wife were found in a room on Avenue Kleber. Max and his wife cut the veins themselves. To be sure, they took lethal doses of morphine and veronal.

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