Makhmud Akhmadinedzhad

Picture of Makhmud Akhmadinedzhad

Date of Birth: 10/28/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Aradan

Citizenship: Iran


Born October 28, 1956. Has engineering education received in Iran, as well as due to the military-political formations "Basij" and "Guardians of the Islamic Revolution." At the end of 1970, Ahmadinejad was one of the students who seized the US embassy, ??and, according to some reports, he offered to do the same with the Embassy of the USSR.

In 2003, Ahmadinejad was elected mayor of Tehran.

August 5, 2005, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected president of Iran, and already August 6 took the oath in parliament, promising to keep the sacred religion of Islam and the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - not an Islamic scholar, a technocrat educated in the Shiite tradition. Therefore, his election program was based primarily on economic populism, promise to solve social problems, which over the years accumulated a lot. By these promises he beat his main rival - the Islamic intellectual, former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsandzhani.Prezidentstvo Ahmadinejad not kakim-libo marked a major breakthrough in the socio-economic sphere. Hardly even formed cabinet, which until recently did not have a key oil minister. Apparently, these failures and forced the Iranian president to resort to a kind of "compensatory acts" in the foreign and domestic political rhetoric. In the case of Iran, they will become religious.

The first step in this direction was to make a statement about the need to wipe Israel off the map of the world (especially "eraser" for this in the form of missile Shahab-3, Iran has). Then he stated that Ahmadinejad only repeated statements of Ayatollah Khomeini. This is not true. Imam different hostility to Israel, but to take action against that country never called. In addition, the political paradigm in Iran, as in some other Muslim countries, is a rejection of Israel as a Zionist state, which in this sense even denied the right to be considered Jewish. At the same time the Iranians emphasized that the cultural and religious of the country is connected with Jewry - Iran`s large Jewish community.

Another eloquent gesture may be called steps to reform the structure and activities of the government, also took place under the slogan approaching the phenomenon of Imam Mahdi (as Shia beliefs, he disappeared and will come in the end times). To do this, Ahmadinejad last months constantly arranges a cabinet meeting in the various provinces of the country, which explains the ministers, what should be the official Islamic Revolution - easy to communicate, is modest in life and close to the people. Also, apparently, in order to bring the coming of the Mahdi was issued a decree banning the import of cars worth more than 330 000 dollars. This technique in Iran sold out, first of all, officials from the economy. The result of these measures, according to some Western analysts, is that in less than six months, the young president pretty tired of his surroundings and machine.

It is interesting to note this detail. During one of his last trips to the north of the country, Ahmadinejad called for an end to the growth of the so-called house churches. This unregistered associations, mostly Protestant, Pentecostal. Pastor and his flock of these churches are usually converted from Islam. Shortly thereafter, one of these amateur pastors was killed and his body was planted in the house. Other preachers also periodically subjected to repression.

Recent performances Ahmadinejad - Israel offer to move to the territory of Europe and the denial of the Holocaust - in fact, went beyond political spheres, touching religious feelings of many people, the traditions of many societies.

Conservative ideas like never strong in Iran`s nuclear program and serves as a national idea, so that the new president of Iran`s position in the negotiations with the EU and the IAEA has become even more intransigent.