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Date of Birth: 05/01/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Bucharest

Citizenship: Romania


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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In the English-speaking environment, it is best known for the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, in the contradictory perceived directorial film project Mel Gibson`s` The Passion Hristovy`. In Romania, she gained national prominence for his role in the drama `Dub` (` Balan & # 355; a`), after Romania`s communist regime began to lose its force. And in the United States celebrated in Romania, the film was released under the title `The Oak`.

Maia was born in a Jewish family. She graduated from the Bucharest Academy of theatrical in 1985, played in the Youth Theatre and the State Jewish Theater in Bucharest until of 1990. Later Morgenstern spent eight years in the National Theater of Bucharest and from 1998 moved to the wall of the Romanian Theatre Lucia Sturdza-Bulandry.

Among the famous theater roles in recent years, it is worth noting Maya`s participation in the formulation of the Romanian `Blue angel` in Bucharest Odeon Theatre. She received critical acclaim for her role as Lola Lola, which once brought fame to Marlene Dietrich. Morgenstern also known for his role as Kathleen Hogan staged `Park Your Car in Harvard Yard` American playwright Izrael Horovitz.

Called `simvolomrumynskogo theater and kino`, Morgenstern has won numerous awards and nominations in the field of cinema.

Romanian actress appeared in a series of films, mainly the production of Hungary and Romania. And in `Passion Hristovyh` she played a role in Aramaic, although, like most of the other actors, Morgenstern just remember their phonetic line, and no more. Surname `Morgenshtern` in Russian means` Morning zvezda`, which is what they call the Virgin Mary, so that the character for the actress was chosen by chance.

In general, played in the film about the life of Christ, Maya tozhepopala in bipolar atmosphere of critical mass. Mel Gibson, faithful follower of traditional Catholicism, a lot of thought to the importance Morgenstern role in the film since the casting. In an interview, the actress defended the `Passion Hristovy` from charges of allegedly distributing anti-Semitism. She suggested that the high priest Caiaphas is shown in the film not as a representative of the Jewish people, as well as the leader of the state church, adding that `power over the entire course of history people have always pursued a revolutionary ideyami`.

Maia Morgenstern was married twice and has three children.

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