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Jura told me war!

Author: Natalia Murga

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Magomed Kostoev a year did not see the little Alisher. After his address sounded unequivocal threat, he decided to tell the story of his relationship with the family of Sergei Jurassic.

Daria Jurassic - the only daughter of the famous actor. Perhaps that is why Sergey with trepidation involved in her life. Several years ago, Dasha did not want her first husband met with his son George. It came to Presnensky Court, which asked the boy`s father - the artist Alexey Lebedev. After lengthy proceedings, he was granted the right to see his son.

- Yes, Dasha did not give to see his grandson - confirmed Alexei Lebedev`s father, Sergey Leonidovich. - This issue had to be addressed through the courts.

in-law disliked

Jurassic Daria met on the set of the actor Magomed Kostoev series "Medical secrecy". Soon between them broke out novel and Dasha decided to order a hot handsome Caucasian leave her husband, Alexei Lebedev, with whom he lived in a marriage for 14 years. Dasha and Magomed soon married. Born the son - Alisher. But all that time in between was Sergei Jura, and in the end the couple parted.

Maybe, Sergey you dislike, because you have destroyed the first marriage of his beloved daughter?

- Dasha`s mother, Natalia Maksimovna, I once accused: "You yourself took her away from her husband!" I retorted: "She was a child, and I took her hand and led from kindergarten?"

In contrast to the first-in-law you are - an actor, and then you have to Jurassic must have common interests.

- When Jurassic learned about me, he said to his daughter: "Either I, or it - choose" Therefore Dasha me my father did not provide. We just moved in together. Even marriage did not play. After the restaurant just went to the cottage where her parents lived ... We Jurassic - megalomania, but enough mind to try to hide it. However, he is constantly trying to impose on us with Dasha their point of view, trying to get to do what I thought was inappropriate. And I do not go into the category of people who allow it. The family should have one boss. Dasha took first my side, then began to "float". She could not stand the pressure from the Pope. After talking with him I felt unwell before the end of the day.

What preceded the parting?

- I brought his eldest son Ahmed, who lived for a time with his sister in Ingushetia, Moscow. He was in school I had to go, and it is clear that if the father in Moscow, the son should be there. My eldest son was the reason that Dasha could not stand it. I opened my eyes: I think that a woman who can not love your child does not, can not love and mother.

First husband asked for help

But Dasha and had a child from his first marriage, which, as I understand it, you brought up four years?

- Yes it is. And Jurassic "led" in the direction of George debilizma not afraid of the word. The boy jerked this megalomaniac. He shook hands, never left the television, hardly spoke, walked in diapers in his five years, he ate two products - buckwheat porridge and instant soup. Not because the mother does not cook, he just did not want anything more. Gosha were signs of autism, although doctors have not examined it. Dasha terribly worried about it. I told my wife that I can get him out of this state, but it will not be easy - it will be necessary in dealing with Gosha rely on me. She agreed ... Today Georgy ten years, it`s great learning, become totally normal guy.

Did you know that Dasha is not willing to George saw his own father?

- It was my opinion as well. Two years after the beginning of our life together, I got a call Alexei Lebedev, we met and talked. He complained that he was not allowed to communicate with his son. I expressed my opinion: it is necessary to stop for a couple of years these meetings, because Giorgi had to first enter vnormu. But Alex stood his ground: "I will continue to try to meet!" To which I replied: "That is your business, and I have no right to interfere. After all, you - his father. " By the way, Jurassic did not mind meeting her first husband and her son, I think, out of a sense of competition with me.

Can you change my wife? The standard reason for divorce ...

- I have not slept with any woman as long as he lived with Daria. This is my rule of thumb: do not go with two women at the same time.

How did you break up?

- Dasha sent me an SMS, wrote that my things are in the storage room. From this point on in the apartment, presented to her mother, I no longer went. Although I had every right, because I am registered there.

They came thugs

Divorce was without scandals?

- I did not receive subpoenas about the upcoming divorce. I can sue the prosecutor`s office and the application of the illegality of divorce. Divorced without my knowledge, I was in Ingushetia at the time with his mother - she was in the hospital. The trial, which I knew and which could be present, addressed the issue of whom will live Alisher. But I was warned that after the trial, I can wait at the exit of people of certain structures.

You secretly taken Alisher in Ingushetia?

- Dasha knew we were with Alisher and my eldest son Ahmed will leave for a month. And return tickets were purchased. She agreed with the only condition that Ahmed is not returned - "she does not want to see him." But Alisher did not have time to talk with her grandmother because of her illness. So I said to Dasha that we Alisher arrive in two weeks. She took it as if I had stolen Alisher.

On you pressed?

- Jura appealed to some people in Moscow. People who have met with me, said that they were acting on behalf of Ramzan Kadyrov and FSB. This meeting was attended by Head of the Chechen OMON and one Bislan Galaev - Head of the Supervisory Activities EMERCOM of Russia in Chechnya. There were other bandits different urovney.Mne popularly explained, they say, it is necessary to take Alisher mother immediately. I told them that we were going with him two weeks later in Moscow, but if you can not wait, Bring.

Why did you agree to give his son?

- They explained: "You can not give, but here involved are serious people. There are searches of your relatives and friends and all who do you call on the phone. Well, you know, we`re worried about you. Now there is a sweep of militants in Ingushetia and Chechnya. " It is clear that this is a threat. At that time, I could certainly get angry and leave. But it would be a setup for my relatives. Alisher was taken from Ingushetia on charter flights organized show. I gave it a condition that a month takin Alisher month that he still talked with my mom. They gave the word, but did not keep it.

The next day I was invited by the head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. He said that to him in Moscow approached Jurassic with some minister, in my opinion, it was Shvydkoi (former Minister of Culture -. NM). They asked him to assist. According to Yevkurov, he told them that posodeystvuet as you can, though not understand why they put up at the government level private family matters.

You`ve come to the son of a month ...

- Yes, on December 5, I rang the doorbell, but I have not opened. I heard in the apartment Alisher - he said: "It`s Dad." I dial a phone number, but she picked up the phone. I do not like breaks. Therefore, and I came to the promised day, not looking for a moment to somehow watch for it.

How are you going to communicate with his son?

- Find how, believe me. Jura, as I understand it, has declared war on me. On television, he called me a dishonorable man, but to justify his words could not. I`m starting from the moment that took his son will never forget any single day. And sooner or later they will respond.

No Answer

For comments, we asked the actress Daria Jura, but she did not want to comment on the situation.