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Date of Birth: 11/22/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Copenhagen

Citizenship: Denmark


Mikkelsen was born in Copenhagen (Copenhagen), in the family Bente Christiansen (Bente Christiansen) and Henning Mikkelsen (Henning Mikkelsen); brother Mads, Lars Mikkelsen (Lars Mikkelsen), also became an actor. Some time Mikkelsen studied at drama school & # 197; rhus Theatre School. His first film role Mads played in 1996, in the film `Pusher`. In the future, Mikkelsen played several leading roles in a rather successful Danish films - like `Shimmering ogni` (` Blinkende lygter`), `Green myasniki` (` De gr & # 248; nne slagtere`), `yabloki` of Adam (` Adams & # 230; bler`), `Valhalla: The Saga of vikinge` (` Valhalla Rising`), already mentioned `Pusher` and its sequel,` Pusher II`. The most famous and `prodolzhitelnoy` of Mikkelsen role was the role of the police in the Danish television series` Unit One`.

Among a list of paintings by Danish Mads role was not limited to; he had a chance to play in a number of American paintings. So, in 2004, Mikkelsen played in the film by Jerry Bruckheimer (Jerry Bruckheimer) `King Artur` (` King Arthur`); in 2006 he got another big role - in the next movie about the adventures of James Bond (James Bond) `Casino Royal` (` Casino Royale`) Mads played the main villain, Le Chiffre (Le Chiffre). In 2006, as Mikkelsen got the main role in nominated for `Oscar` staged `After svadby` ( `Efter brylluppet`).

In 2008, it published a computer game based on the following picture `bondiany` -` Quantum miloserdiya` ( `Quantum of Solace`); in this game Mikkelsen returned to the role of Le Chiffre - however, this time he had to restrict the voice acting. In 2008, the same happened to Madsen to return once again to the image of Le Chiffre, together with another James Bond villain, `Chelyusti` (Jaws) - will play at the time, Richard Kiel (Richard Kiel). At Kiel and Mikkelsen took part in an advertising project of Swiss watchmakers `Swatch`, introduced the world to a new collection of watches - inspired just images of Bond villains.

In 2010, Mads Mikkelsen starred with Sam Worthington (Sam Worthington) in the film `The Battle Titanov` ( `Clash Of The Titans`). In the same year, Mads won the Cannes Film Festival; the title of `Best aktera` his role in the Danish film` Ohota` ( `Jagten`).

In June of 2012 it became known that Mikkelsen will play the role of Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal Lecter) in the upcoming television series `Gannibal` (` Hannibal`) - the film adaptation of the famous novel by Thomas Harris (Thomas Harris) `Red drakon` (` Red Dragon`) ; enemy Hannibal - Special Agent Will Graham - play Hugh Dancy (Hugh Dancy). One only TV series `Gannibal` list of planned roles Mikkelsen is not limited to; it is known that he played in the film `The Stolen` and` The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman`; company he was Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf) and Evan Rachel Wood (Evan Rachel Wood). It is also expected that this Mads Mikkelsen will play the main villain in the film `Thor 2` ( `Thor 2`). While it is not known with whom Norse god have to fight in this battle; in the list of the most likely candidates for leading positions are occupied by a sorceress-seductress Amora (Amora the Enchantress) and her loyal assistant, ruthless executioner (Executioner).

Mads Mikkelsen is now busy in the extreme - Danish actor has never claimed. Such popularity is not only a personal achievement Mads - many critics perceive his success as the success of Danish cinema as a whole. Images of Le Chiffre, Hannibal Lecter and one of the many villains comic book universe `Marvel`, of course, brought (or will bring) Mikkelsen considerable fame; the actor himself, however, with much more enthusiasm looking at other roles. One of them was the role in the project `Royal roman` (` A Royal Affair`) - historical drama, which tells about the life of the Danish King Christian VII (Christian VII). Mikkelsen in the film played by Johann Friedrich Johann Friedrich Struensee (Johann Friedrich Struensee) - personal physician and confidant of King mentally sick. Johann was not only on the `ty` with Christian, but also had an affair with his wife, Queen Caroline Mathilde (Caroline Mathilde); together it gave Struense considerable power - his voice had great weight in parliament, and in general Johann was actually regent of the state.

History Johann Friedrich Struensee was perfect for the film; in fact, before it has filmed three times - in 1923, 1935 and 1957. Mikkelsen in his accustomed role brilliantly; his unique acting skills helped create a uniquely compelling way of living. In Denmark (Denmark) `Royal roman` was a great success - in fact, on a par with Mstitelyami`` ( `Avengers`).

Liked Mikkelsen to star in `Ohote` - this picture, by the way, I came out in the UK before in Denmark. Cannes Film Festival award speaks for itself; Mads, however, modestly claims that much of the prize was not himself, but the film as a whole. Indeed, moviegoers` Ohota` relished; part of this success owes picture Mikkelsen game, however, and the relevance of the chosen theme can not fail to note. The film tells about a kindergarten teacher, accused of assaulting a young girl - and that reaction, that this charge followed.

In recent years, Danish cinema has literally blossomed - and Mads Mikkelsen is considered one of the brightest specimens of this revival. Mikkelsen is popular not only in his country - his audience applauded worldwide.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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