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Date of birth: 28.06.1994

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Southwark

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Medelayn born in Southwark, London, United Kingdom (Southwark, London, UK). She grew up with his older brother Jack Anthony Duggan (Jack Anthony Duggan), was born in January of 1990.

In 2003, Duggan played Cosette in the popular formulation Otverzhennye` `(` Les Mis & # 233; rables`) at London`s Palace Theatre. In addition, Medelayn twice performed leading roles in productions of short - in 2004, she got the role of Amanda in `Between Us`, and in 2006 - Ellie` Spoilt Eggs`.

It is known that Duggan is an ardent lover of football; she is sick of the `Miluoll` (` Millwall FC`). Often Medelayn can be seen at the stadium watching the match of your favorite team.

In May 2006, it was reported that Duggan Brenning play Lauren in the soap opera `EastEnders`. For the first time on screen, the actress appeared on July 3 of 2006. As Lauren Medelayn had the opportunity to work with a number of stars of the English television - various members of her family played Jo Joyner (Jo Joyner), Jake Wood (Jake Wood), Lorna Fitzgerald (Lorna Fitzgerald), Charlie Clements (Charlie Clements), Scott Meslen (Scott Maslen), Melissa Suffield (Melissa Suffield), Thomas Lowe (Thomas Law), June Brown (June Brown) and John Berdon (John Bardon). Unfortunately, in May 2010, the new executive producer of the series, Brian Kirkwood (Bryan Kirkwood), decided to abandon Medelayn services; to replace it came Joss Jacqueline (Jacqueline Jossa).

Where as many Duggan succeeded in the theater. Besides the already mentioned the role of Cosette, she had to play in Maddie `What About Love` (staging The Churchill Theatre) and Barbie` Barbie Event`; In addition, she had a small role in `Song for Milli` ( `A Song for Millie`) and` Evening pesni` ( `An Evening of Song`).

For a while Medelayn moonlighted leading to the Discovery Science Channel and hosted the show `TV SOS`. In 2009, in parallel with the work in `EastEnders`, the actress managed to appear as Cathy in the children`s comedy series` Dani`s House`.

At this point - after the dismissal of `EastEnders` - lull in television career Medelayn Duggan. There is no doubt, however, that soon the actress returns to the active shooting.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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