Ma Duanlin

Picture of Ma Duanlin

Nationality: China


Ma was born in the family Duanlin yuzhnosunskogo official Ma Tinluanya, well past the highest state exams and during Syanhen become right prime minister. Ma Tinluan up an extensive collection of historical documents, but he was unable to do the work of historians. Ma Duanlin studied with Cao Jing, a follower of Zhu Xi, and felt his strong influence. As a result of court intrigues, his father was forced to leave the court and return to his native village, and Ma Duanlin devoted himself to help his father. At this time, under the strikes of the Yuan Dynasty in 1279 the Southern Song fell. After his father`s death on the urgent invitation of the court Yuan Ma Duanlin left the village and devoted himself to public activities, has consistently held various academic positions. In 1322, he resigned by age and returned home.

"Vensyan Tuncay `(& # 25991; & # 29486; & # 36890; & # 32771;), the main work of Ma Duanlinya in 348 volumes, he began to compose in 1273 and finished in 1317. Ma Duanlin sought to unite in his encyclopedia with all laws and ordinances of previous dynasties, to get rid of errors and contradictions. The basis and a model for it served dvuhsottomnaya T`ang entsiklopediyaTundyan. He also used a variety of other sources (what he really helped the collection of personal assistance and father). It covers the state of China`s experience before his death yuzhnosunskogo Emperor Ning-tsung in 1224. Quoted text, he added his own extensive comments. Encyclopedia has 24 major sections, among them on the land tax, the population and registration of residents, state monopolies and trade, Examination and appointments, administration, army, education, monetary circulation and so on. D. The section "About the other countries` original and repeatedly He attracted the attention of Western scientists.

Encyclopedia reprinted several times, stand reprints with additions in 1370, 1747 and 1921. She became one of the "three encyclopedias" (Santun) and is often published together with the other two, and Tongzhi Tundyan Zheng Qiao. Sometimes the three encyclopedias state emit a different combination, "Vensyan Tuncay," "Tundyan" and "Zizhi Tongjian" Sima Qian.

From the official historical chronicles Duanlin Ma has not received any article in the Sun-shek, nor in the Yuan-shi, and is found only in the Xin-Yuan-Shih, New Stories Yuan Ke Shaomin published in 1920.