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Date of Birth: 05/15/1925

Age: 86

Place of birth: Smolensk province

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Fedor Ra`zac

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Ludmila Kasatkin was born in a small village near Vyazma in a working family. Soon parents and her daughter moved to Moscow. To understand how they were brought up our heroine, should lead one to her story on this subject: "When I was 11, I ran to my mother blubbered:" Tanya has a new dress, and I go the whole darned-pereshtopanaya "That`s when my mom. for the first time in my life I hit me on the cheek, backhand. "you`re not happy about what she bought a new dress, you cry, then you are rubbish!"

Up to 15 years visited Moscow Kasatkin Opera Studio named Shatsky (Choreography Department) and lodged there much hope. Already at age 11 she made her debut in the children`s dance parties, studied ballet for four years, but had to leave the ballet classes, and parents took the girl to the House of pioneers in the alley Stopani.

In 1943 Kasatkina applied for the acting department GITIS. According to her, much hope to get there it is not fed, because the girl considered herself ugly and even a small growth (only 159 cm). However, her teacher AG Bovshek before exams admonished her: "You know how tall was the Venus de Milo Total 155 centimeters Apollo Belvedere - 165 So throw this nonsense out of your head and safely do that?!!!" Kasatkina did so.

On examination she was well read "Italian fairy tale" Gorky. I read so passionately, that some people in the admissions office furtively wiped away a tear. In short, our heroine took no questions asked.

In 1947, having finished GITIS, Kasatkina was admitted to the troupe of the Central Theater of the Soviet Army. In the early years she sang the role of primarily young heroines - cheerful and happy girls or adolescents. Its role was then a lyrical comedy. Apparently, therefore, when the director of the theater AD Popov offered her a role in a play by Oksana M. Aliger "First Thunder", our heroine began to cry. It is suggested that he could not cope with such a serious role (Oksana was the prototype member of the underground Krasnodon Uliana Gromova). However, the director was insistent. The result surprised everyone who had previously seen only in Kasatkin lyric roles. This victory of the young actress made her believe in their own strength, he has opened new opportunities for her talent.

In another play - "Ocean" on the play by AP Stein - Kasatkina got the role of medical sister Anya. In preparation for the role, the actress came to the district clinic and asked him to give her the opportunity to spend a few days together with these doctors. Deny it, of course, could not. As a result, our heroine spent half a day outside the window at the front desk, after which, together with the doctor went to visit the sick. And so - for three days in a row.

Later, when Kasatkina was to play the role of judges in the performance "Kovalev from the province", she boldly went to court. I came and said: "I want to watch your work." It was attached to a 40-year-old woman judge, and our heroine is present at three different processes with its participation. At times it seemed that the referee judged wrong, and she entered into an argument with her. The judge then told her the following sentence: "Only ten years can be the judge, and then hardens the heart." But back to his narrative a little bit ago.

In 1950, in the life of our heroine was an important event - she married. It was the chosen one soldier, 29-year-old Sergei Kolosov. He re-entered the GITIS in 1946 (the first time was adopted in 1939, but then the Soviet-Finnish War, he went to the front - first in Finnish, then the German), Kasatkin when it has finished. There they met. About how it happened, says the actress, "I was pretty I had a lot of fans, but they called me a girl from the past century, because if somebody before me touched hands, I ran as the announcement Such a touchy be.... . And so, when I started to go for Kolosov, who returned from the war, peonies wear ... I remember it brought to me in courtyard gitisovskom:

- Here are met, it Lyudochka Kasatkin. She has a birthday today.

- Can I come today to congratulate you? - He asked timidly.

- From what. Konyushkovskaya Lane, 22, apartment 50.

And he kicked his boots shined his buttons on his tunic, comes with peonies, and he said: "There is no such". That I was joking over it. Four years we were friends before marriage. I told him: "I have to see if I love you and you love me really." And for four years, he threw me to all my fans. How is it touched me? After the fourth year we went to the ruined Sevastopol brigade of Komsomol work. No money, we only paid for the road. scary, hungry heat. So I walk down the street and suddenly see that the stall where they sell grapes, is believed to Kolosov and his palm penny, and then bring me a branch of grapes ... I saw, as he thought, where he bought ... "

His winning ticket to the movies Kasatkina pulled in 1954, when I got the lead role - Lena Vorontsova - in the film directed by Alexander Ivanovo and Hope Kosheverova "Tiger Tamer". About these shootings L. Kasatkin recalls:

"When I signed a contract with, there was not a word about the tigers. I played tamer" in life "and Rita Nazarov, assistant Boris Afanasevicha Eder, was shot with the Tigers ... we worked 8 months as the director suddenly announced that the film not will be released, if not removed my face next to the tiger snout to save the film, I have to enter the cells and do not need to be afraid of -.. every precaution will be taken.

On the day I was brought into the studio very soon. At the entrance waiting Kadochnikov and Sergei Filippov, "Eder said yesterday, afraid that you will not sleep, but now you enter into the cell we have come to experience for you.". Oh my God! Suitable Boris Afanasievich: "Quickly into the dressing room!" I ran. And now everything is ready in my hand and pointed stick shamberer. Eder recalls what to do, and shoves me into the cage, the door closes. "Tread, beat!" - He commanded. I struggled hit the tiger. "Beat yet!" Tiger roars, rises on its hind legs. "Closer! Closer!" Approaching so that the tiger paw breaks a stick, the other paw pulls shamberer. "Fall!" - Shouts Eder. Fall, the tiger jumps over me. I jump up, run up to the bars where I need to pass the other stick and carrot. Tiger is worn on the aviary and twice so I shied tail boots that I could hardly resist. Behind bars is a man. "Well, where is shamberer ?!" - I shouted to him. He: "That sho you worry Come-and yet ..." as a way out of the cage, I do not remember.

Another time it was even worse. Since the four tigers trainer admit I could not (he bore for us, the artists, the criminal liability), so did the glass enclosure: the bottom of it came to my knees and rose on an outstretched hand. When the tigress Rada began to bite three tigers, so they began to jump that all the extras yelled, thinking that they jumped me. And at that moment a strange thought, and quite inappropriate visited me. "Wow - I thought - one woman three men chasing." And as soon as I thought about it, an angry Parliament broke the glass and flew into my cage. Eder shouted: "Water!" But there was no water. And then Eder broke the lock and literally pulled me out of the cage ...

When we finally passed the picture on the "Lenfilm" Eder said that at all - it was packed in the hall: "I, Eder, do offer Lyudmila Kasatkina become tamer tiger It has a real swagger to her I entrust 11 pieces..." I refused. "Well, what to do, I`m more like the people." He had then got angry: "Do not you feel the power of the cell, which is nothing more in the world?" Power? No - passion. "

"Tiger Tamer" The film was released on the screens of the country in 1955 and had great success. The next morning after the premiere of L. Kasatkin woke up famous.

In the wake of this success, director Nadezhda Kosheverova (she rented and "tamer") in 1955 started filming a new comedy - "Honeymoon". The main roles in which she once again invited Lyudmila Kasatkina and Pavel Kadochnikova. If no other names and occupations of the heroes of this picture, one might think that the film is a sequel to "Tiger Tamer". However, in this film it was different than the previous one: it did not ease and total viewers the feeling that you are on holiday. Therefore, the success of the public enjoyed moderate picture.

In 1959, the great director came to our heroine`s husband Sergei Kolosov. He made the film "Soldier`s Heart". And just a year later took to put on television, "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare. On the role of Catherine, he invited Kasatkin, who played the character in the scene DATS. To learn how to cope with a television actress role, can be judged by this fact: at the 2nd International Festival of TV films in Monte Carlo she was awarded the first prize - "Golden Nymph" - for her role as Catherine. I note that it was the first of their joint work with her husband.

On the topic of "nepotism" in the film, L. Kasatkin as expressed on this score: "The residents think that all through connections, if the husband is the director But of 11 films (1960- 1995) I no he did not flunked Ryazanov once said.. "Of course, if I had a wife like Kolosov, I would have made a great picture," This is it criticized the fact that his wife helps level to keep And I think so, if there was a creative union of people who studied at the.. one teacher and those who believe in one idea (ie, psychological development, the study of the material period, the time, people), and such a union wins - it`s pride. I do that, it brought shame? When I hear such talk ( "Kasatkina lucky husband takes" ), born in me an even greater passion. The desire to win. not angry. "

But back to the beginning of the 60s.

In 1963 S. Kolosov began shooting the first of serial (series 4) Soviet television movie "Call the fire itself." L. Kasatkina played in it the role of the young heroine Seschenskogo underground Anya Morozova. It is worth noting that when the director offered her this role, our heroine fluctuated. Called was the fact that for the first time in her acting career, she had to realize not a fictional character, a real-life person. "I can handle this task?" - Asked myself Kasatkin. And she decided to take a chance. And as shown by the future, not mistaken. The success of the television series in 1964 was fantastic. Probably for the first time during a TV broadcast of the streets of Soviet cities is literally dying. Few people know, but in this film L. Kasatkin nearly perished. "The film was an episode when our planes bombed the Nazi airfield on the screen -. Chronicle and on the ground fireworks underlay explosives, but one of them knew where to go wave A wave went under my trough, which was of a very thick sheet metal trough.?. broke into pieces that flew right over my head I pulled the arm illuminator second decide my fate, "-.. remembers L. Kasatkin.

In 1965 she followed by a new unexpected turn in the life of our heroine. S. Kolosov offered her the role of Olga Semyonovna in "Darling" by Anton Chekhov. The traditional image of the heroine does not fit with the way the actress Kasatkina, previously played roles it. But this time the actress was not afraid to challenge the well-established stereotypes, and has written this role to his list of victories.

Meanwhile, in 1966, followed by another surprise. The actress has agreed to play the role of suicide Mary Zakharchenko in a new television series S. Kolosov "Operation" Trust "on the novel by L. Nikulin. It was the first negative role in the acting career of our heroine. The shooting of this picture with almost Kasatkina was a tragedy. Let us listen to her own story "On the" Transactions "my horse jumped over the barrier and suddenly made a" candle "because the truck was. I could not resist and fell back to the ground. I - crack in a vertebra. "Ambulance". Hospital. Two months lying on the board. And after some time assistant comes and says: "You can not bail us: the leaves fall, and fall in a movie to be?" I say: "There is understudy." - "No, it is important to your face, three cameras and a gallop." She went to persuade the doctor, but he said: "As you are ruthless, what is the pain in her as she sits on a horse, much less rush at a gallop." In short, the husband comes: "Maybe it is not necessary?" - He asked. "Of course not. Autumn comes to an end." And here on a stretcher in me "Rafik" tuck on floor lying dress, help to get on the horse. I only had time to tell the operator: "Check all the slides, I think that the second take is not." In general, when I slipped off the horse after polutorakilometrovy gallop, I howled so on earth as beasts howl in pain. "

The film "Operation" Trust "came on the television screens of the country in 1970. By the time Kasatkina was already one of the most popular actresses of Soviet cinema, the leading prima ballerina of the theater -.. DATS She lacked only one thing - the title of People`s Artist of the USSR and it was soon. received.

In 1973 S. Kolosov began to "Remember my name" the shooting of the Soviet-Polish film. Kasatkina it got the main role - Zina Vorobevoj. In short, the story of the film is that during the war Zina loses their son, then the post-war years, is looking for him and finally finds.

The film "Remember Your Name" was released on the screens of the country in 1975. At film festivals in Gdansk (1974) and Chisinau (1975), he received honorary prizes. Immediately after the premiere of the film L. Kasatkina were awarded the title of People`s Artist of the USSR and Honoured Culture Poland.

She went on to play in the theater, but after leaving in 1974, directed by A. Popov (he joined the Moscow Art Theatre), new roles have become less Kasatkina (all on account of the actress at that time was more than 40 roles). "What is for an actress to play, play, play, and then bam - and break not become Popov, some directors with whom I worked, went, came the other and it is not the age I am very smooth transition from girls to women... And never young. Here I agree with the wise men, who say that it is better to leave sooner rather than later. And when you expect from the premiere to premiere five years ... It`s been, it was. Twelve years I played "Orpheus descending . "At twelve years old, but sold out!", - says L. Kasatkin.

In the 90 years L. Kasatkin, like most of her colleagues on the art, almost a little removed in the movies. It is mainly engaged in the theater in his native DATS, where it opened a new director Alexander Burdonsky (incidentally, the grandson of Joseph Stalin). The actress starred in three of his productions: "Orpheus Descending," "Charade Broadway" and "Your sister and the captive" (in the latter play the actress playing the role of Queen Elizabeth).

As today develops the life of our heroine? Despite the fact that in a movie theater and she did not so much work, it compensates for this with a host of other responsibilities. Firstly, it is the professor, is a great teaching job in GITIS. He is deputy chairman of the board of the WTO. Second, it is - a happy grandmother. Son Alex (he was a professional guitarist, Ph.D., teaches jazz theory in Gnessin School) gave her granddaughter, named after the grandmother Ludmilla. And thirdly, it is a faithful and caring wife. His affection for the past half a century, one person ML Kasatkina explains: "There is no sin in front of her husband, but so much cynicism around, I do not believe it, but I was proud and could not afford to laugh behind his back I remember our.. Soshalsky actor once said: "You do not cheat on your Sergei. You have no one to remember before his death. "-" Why? I will remember Sergei. "He waved his hand and went. My flash, I screamed at her husband, it is a sin. But my advantage is, as he says, that I immediately apologize."

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