Luke Batty

Picture of Luke Batty

Age: 13

Citizenship: Australia

Do not kill children!

The tragic story of 11-year-old Luke Batty (Luke Batty) caused shudders not only the inhabitants of Australia (Australia), where the event occurred, but also all those who have read about this terrible murder in the media. So, it happened in February 2014 in the Australian city of Melbourne (Melbourne), to the cricket club. Luke Batty had just finished training when the club his father arrived. His parents were divorced, Luke lived with his mother, and before you come to the club, the man enlisted the resolution of the boy`s mother, Rosie Batty (Rosie Batty). Later, Rosie herself was shocked to learn what the outcome of this meeting.

Thus, the 54-year-old man came to the club, went to the site and literally attacked with a cricket bat at his own son. Eyewitnesses happening literally frozen in place, and in the meantime has already scored a crazy father of the child to death.

What exactly was the reason for such a terrible act, say, alas, it is difficult. Arrived police tried to subdue the raging madman, but he did not want to give up without a fight. As a result, he was shot in the chest.

Luke`s mother still can not believe what happened - she was always sure that her former muzhlyubil own son more than anything in life, and what happened just does not fit in the head at Rosie.

`Nobody did not like Luke more than his father. Nobody did not like Luke more than me. We both loved ego` - says Rosie.

Police said that at the time of arrest the boy`s distraught father threatened them with a knife, and the head of the local police station said that before opening fire, he tried to persuade to give up four policemen. Alas, it was all to no avail.

What happened with Luke Batty, called a terrible tragedy - the wounds that cost the lives of an innocent 11-year-old child, were simply monstrous. Even worse is that all the terrible action unfolded directly to the eyes of children, who trained together with Luke at the cricket club and knew him well, and several parents.

Today, acquaintances, friends, relatives and classmates remember Luke Batty as a positive, cheerful boy. What happened with this child - monstrous injustice, punishment for which, alas, can not be anyone. Police believe that the father had planned a terrible act in advance, and in his plans was to just to be killed by the police.