Luiza Mosendz

Picture of Luiza Mosendz

Date of Birth: 09/12/1960

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Louise Mosendz graduated in 1981 WTU them. MS Shchepkina (VB Monakhova course). Since 1984, she works in the theater of Satire. Among her works: Sophia ( "Woe from Wit"), Jenny ( "The Threepenny Opera"), Cooking ( "The Cherry Orchard"), Mademoiselle Syupo ( "Ornifl"), Vera ( "angel came out of the fog").

She took part in the musical "Jolly Fellows" (role - Mama Lena), put theatrical entreprise Irina Apeksimova "ballast".


In the movie actress she made her debut in 1982 in a small role in the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Sports Lottery-82." However, Borislav Brondukova they created an unforgettable comic duo. He - all oblivious tourist center director, and she - his omniscient secretary Alla Dmitrievna.

Subsequently Mosendz Louise starred in the movies rarely, preferring to work in the theater. Nevertheless, in the memory of the audience were her teleplay Lisa of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and Lola "Catala" of crime drama.

New Russian cinema has not bypassed this interesting actress. In 2001 she played a role in the brutal ugolovnitsy Mathilde ser "The Cage". Then Louise Mosendz appeared in the image of the journalist in vosmiseriynogo film "Ice Age", and in 2005 played a major role - operativnitsu Kolesnikov in the TV series "Zone".

One of the last works of the actress - operetta diva Anastasia Andreevna Vozdvizhenskaya in the drama of Alexander Buravsky "Leningrad. City alive. "


82 1982 Sports Lottery

1983 Cyrano de Bergerac - teleplay

1983 Living Memory - a documentary

1984 Before you leave

1985 Amateurs

1987 Stronger than all other decrees

1989 SR

1989 Catala

1995 Sacred load / Sacred cargo (US)

2001 Cell - series

2002 Ice Age - series

2005 Zone - series

2007 Adult life Polina Subbotina girls

2007 Leningrad. City living