Luis Garavito

Picture of Luis Garavito

Place of birth: Henova

Citizenship: Colombia

`worst serial killer in mire`

Colombian serial killer and rapist, also known by the nicknames The Beast (La Bestia) and Goofy (Tribilin). In 1999, he confessed to the rape and murder of 140 boys; in total - according to the burial location map drawn by a maniac in the prison - the death toll may exceed 300. Local journalists and repeatedly called him `the worst serial killer in mire`.

After his arrest, Garavito was the maximum possible for the Colombian legislation term - 30 years; because Luis had confessed to their crimes and helped authorities find the bodies of those killed, he had to knock off the term to 22 years. In addition, good behavior and cooperation with the authorities would give him the opportunity to be released earlier. Of course, it did not have to taste the Colombians - such punishment seemed to them too soft for such a brutal criminal. For a long time, the authorities were powerless to do anything - the country has not been performed previously as horrible crimes and the relevant legislation did not exist. At the end of 2006, however, the judge nonetheless found a loophole and could extend the life of Luis - they took advantage of the fact that he still refused to admit in terms of proven crimes.

Luis Alfredo Garavito born in Genova, Quindio, Colombia (G & # 233; nova, Quind & # 237; o, Colombia); He was the eldest of seven children. Father Louis was distinguished by incredible cruelty - later the murderer claimed that he had been including sexual violence.

Garavito killed mostly children from poor families; it could become a victim of any age 6 to 16 years. Luis acquainted with the children in the streets, and won their trust with gifts; then he took them for a walk. When a child is tired enough, Garavito could safely egopohitit. Raped his victim, he slit her throat and usually dismembered body; some corpses were seen clear signs of torture.

Louis was arrested on April 22, 1999; in the murder of 140 children he admitted almost immediately. However, the investigation is still ongoing - Investigators believe that the conscience of Garavito can be even 172 deaths in 59 different areas of the country. At the moment, it has already proven guilty Louis 138 murders of these 172; general verdict was in 1853, and 9 days. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, the maximum period for the Colombian law is 30 years old - as well as to promote the police only 22 years old.

Garavito case has caused great public interest - especially anger caused the final verdict. Residents of Colombia insisted on the life imprisonment or death sentence - alas, the laws of the country are not provided.

June 11, 2006, came on-screen taken from an interview with Louis; Local broadcaster Pirrie (Pirry) learned that the killer going after their release into politics - and start helping those suffering from ill-treatment of children. In addition, Pirrie said that due to its good behavior Garavito may be released before they are - within 3 years. The latter fact is kindled the flame of popular anger more than ever; authorities have decided to try to find a loophole in the law. Using the fact that the killer performed his atrocities in several parts of the country, the judge found the opportunity to increase its term; In addition, a separate deadline Louis will sit out for those murders, which he had not previously acknowledged. While it is not known how much it will be possible to increase the original sentence; however, most likely in the foreseeable future Garavito to freedom will not be able to get out.