Luidjy Galvany

Picture of Luidjy Galvany

Date of Birth: 09/09/1737

Age: 61

Place of Birth: Boulogne

Citizenship: Italy


Popularity Galvani brought his experiments on muscle contraction. In 1771 he discovered the phenomenon of reducing the prepared frog muscles under the influence of an electric current. As a matter of fact that from a physical point of view there was nothing new: the phenomenon of electric induction was explained back in 1779. But Galvani came up to the fact, not as a physicist, and a physiologist, he became interested in the ability of a dead drug manifest themselves as living material. It is with the greatest care investigated this phenomenon by changing a variety of settings: position in the body of the frog metal wire with a current, power sources, etc. In one such experiment, using a current source atmospheric electricity, he vainly waiting for a change in the weather and accidentally pressed the electrodes stuck into the spinal cord of the frog, to the iron bars on which she lay. There were similar reductions, as well as during the experiments carried out in the storm. Galvani soon found that the muscles contract and no external power source, by simply applying on them two different metals, connected conductor. Galvani explained this phenomenon is the existence of "animal electricity", thanks to which muscles are charged like a Leyden jar. The results of observations and theory "zhivotnogoelektrichestva" he stated in 1791 in the treatise on the power of electricity by muscle movement (De Viribus Electricatitis in Motu Musculari Commentarius). The discovery caused a sensation Galvani. Its verification started the famous physicist A. Volta, armed with all the means at the time of electrical means, which gave the correct physical interpretation of the effect (1794).

Died Galvani in Bologna, December 4, 1798.