Ludmila Shiryaeva

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Date of Birth: 01/11/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Lyudmila Shiryaev was born in a simple family from St. Petersburg. My mother - a housewife, and my father - the driver and assistant manager at the bank. Parents (by the way, namesake - Valentin and Valentina), long thought to call her daughter. Came to Peter`s grandmother suggested - Lyudmila, they say in their old girls with this name did not exist. Dad quickly agreed suddenly, and only a few years later admitted that was the name of his first love ...

The school Lyudmila went not in St. Petersburg, and in Yelets, where her grandmother lived. The girl at the time, was sent to her parents, went to Germany. She recalls: "Teachers already know that they will have to learn from Leningrad Lyudochka Shiryaev, and even competed in a class define me. Please put me in the front row, and then transplanted to the Losers, so I tightened it. I was an excellent student. " Later, my grandmother moved to St. Petersburg and Lyudmila further studied in the 256th school in the Griboyedov Canal and then, until the end - in the 2 nd St. Petersburg High School.

From a young age on television

Once, going through old things in the trunk, five-year-old Lyudmila came across a Japanese microphone. It was he, and not other things, interested in the girl. Then she played in a long time reporter, asking questions parents. She still had no idea what the microphone will play an important role of her life ...

On TV Lyudmila Shiryaev came by accident (though each has its own pattern of randomness). Eleven-year girl she and her friend came to see what has been her older sister - the one a student of Theatre Institute, took place on television practice. Bright, active little girl noticed. Later, when the trainees began to establish a program of contemporary music `Striped hit`, they remembered about Lyudmila and invited her. So Luda became a television presenter.

To say that Lyudmila already at that time determined the future profession, it would be wrong. At this age, the child is difficult to understand his calling. But the fact that work on television she liked - that`s a fact. For two years she was "Striped hit `. In the glory did not bathe, and not about the fame thought - was busy working. True to school already, if it is something done wrong, we do not miss the opportunity to pinch: "Our star again afford ...".

When `Striped hit` closed, Lyudmila invited to the new project "The whole circus." It was then Lyudmila fully felt that there popularity. It just filled up the letters: she could exchange the rock crowd at some circus? Some fans even threatened with death, if not return. But the return has been nowhere - the program is gone forever ...

Professional presenter

Professional formation Lyudmila shiryaevoy as presenter, started with the program "Segodnyachko Peter." For the program needed a young, pretty girl with no speech defects. Seventeen Lyudmila, going on general grounds casting, went on all parameters.

Experience in the program Lyudmila valued very highly. "In" Segodnyachko "working people older than me, so I was able to constantly learn, try, make mistakes and not be afraid of" cuffs ", - she said.

At the 5th channel Ludmila worked for many years, he has been a leading TV program "Telecourier" "No time," "7 nights", "Now", and others. At the same time she was in 2003, graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of St. Petersburg University. But over time, Ludmila began to feel cramped in the established framework. The monotony of the work leads to stagnation, and this - not in her nature.

The path in the movie

In the film (and more correct to say in the TV series) Lyudmila Shiryaev become periodically removed since 2002. It had a small role in the TV series "Time to love", "cornering" (TV reporter), "Streets of broken lamps 7" (Rita Sergeeva), "Cop War 3" (Linda), "Volkova Hour" (hostage Nastya Tsvetkova) and others. Feeling the need for additional education, she in 2007 to study acting - an auditor went to classes at the Theatre Institute (her teacher was Mikhail Ilyin). This said Lyudmila all, she wants to star in "big" movie. And it is her desire, in the end materialize.

Channel 5 Producer learned that director Robert Crombie had unsuccessfully looking for an actress who knows the English language, the main role of "Sappho" in the erotic melodrama. Recommend Lyudmila. Then there was a successful audition and approval on the part of Helena Orlova. Taking a three-month vacation on television, Lyudmila Shiryaev went to the shooting.

Painting "Sappho" raises complex issues of lesbian love. Lyudmila Shiryaev says: "Before giving consent, I specifically clarifies how far stretch fantasy authors in this direction. It is no secret that many filmmakers are eager novice actresses in the frame strip. Whether it is necessary from an artistic point of view or not. But all that I was told not to go beyond reasonable limits. " In addition, the picture scenario like my mother Lyudmila, which blessed the daughter role.

In the picture a few erotic scenes. In one of them, Ludmila character makes love with Sappho (her role performed by 19-year-old American actress Avalon Berry). Shiryaev Ludmila recalls: "In one scene we Safo, the naked, lying on the beach at sunset. I do not feel ashamed. Poholodalo to plus 15, and we had to soak up the icy rocks. In between takes, wore fur coats. The partner - 19-year-old American Avalon - beautiful, it is not repugnant to kissing. Lesbian experience I had, but I was wondering if I could wish for a Woman. Excitation arose. Well, no life and so diverse. "

To play some episodes, Ludmilla had to acquire new skills. So it is, for example, the shooting took place a full course of scuba diving. As a result, the audience saw a beautiful scene where Helen and Sappho dive to a depth of six meters, and there are beautiful somersault. But for all this beauty it was a really dangerous stunt.

Actually, thinking about working on the movie, Lyudmila notes Shiryaev incredible elation. It was then that she finally realized how interesting actress for her profession.

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