Ludmila Potapova

Picture of Ludmila Potapova

Date of Birth: 07/24/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Tashauz

Citizenship: Russia


She was born in Turkmenistan. He graduated from the Saratov Drama School I.A.Slonova. He worked in the Saratov Academic Drama Theater, then - in the Tomsk Drama Theater.

Starred in the films "The Rapture", "Let`s part as well," "Return of the Battleship", "Botanical Garden", "Valentine`s Day".

The winner of the prize "Golden Aries", Vera Cold prize, the Audience Choice Award at Berlin Film Festival, the prize "For the best female role" of the Yalta festival and other prizes.

Actor`s work:

1. Return of the Battleship - 1996 ()

2. Botanic Garden - 1997 (Romance)

3. Valentine`s Day - 2000 (comedy)